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BrainControl1 / Press

“Buen álbum nicodavila • 2011-07-16 11:57:21 I really like the album Brain Control, mainly the first track. Good work!”


“Beautiful for Parying and for the Soul www.maouja9.com - Hey! Maouja9 is an associative netradio from Paris, launched at the beginning of year 2009, with the objective to offer to the young people some marks about the wealth of the North-African culture and an original musical selection. We are a small team of 5 volunteers, who share a set of moral and spiritual values: - Friendship between all the people, against any prejudices of race, nationality or religion; - Equality of the rights, between men and women, and of access to the education; - Sharing, by fighting against the extremes of wealth and poverty; - Freedom, to live, to believe and to look for the truth in a personal and independent way; - Peace, sustainable and universal, between the people, the nations and the religions. We estimate your music and its spirit and soul, that is why that is why we that is why we selected some of your pieces. With all our congratulations and encouragements.”

Radio Maouja9.com

“Blissful, Perfect, Intoxicating, Dreamy, Enchanting, Magical, Fusion, Experimanetl, Mantra- Rock Music.... musictomyears • 2010-02-26 19:14:45 Feel the groove and the wonderful, intoxicating, warm, comforting, blissful, mix of vibrant flow and beats let amazing guitar riffs, send you into a mesmerising, state of mind and body as this fusion experimental music, mediative, mantra-rock music, Take you to places within yourself you have never been to before and the the hypnotic, trance like music, make you feel so good. You never ever want to stop feeling this way..”


“A blues dedicated to Krishna loveovergold • 2008-11-11 22:15:57 Un altro album molto bello da Brain Control. Una musica molto delicata, calda e piena di sentimento. Una notte magica vissuta tra ricordi ed emozioni dentro un blues spirituale e devozionale. “Improvisation after Midnight” va incontro alla notte con il cuore aperto… è un saluto agli amici che stanno venendo a trovarci. Stasera, infatti, staremo insieme. Il brano sembra dire questo. “Please don’t go without taking me…Help!!!” è più intima e sembra dire e ripetere “ascolta” …io sono qui! e “Behind the Light (A Person is waiting for you)” è decisamente commovente. Le note della chitarra parlano meglio delle parole. C’è tanta luce e amore…. è la voce … la luce … dell’amore. Un brano meraviglioso! Con “Eminent@Orient” siamo trasportati dolcemente lontano e con “Jaya Sri Guru” sentiamo il calore spirituale. “Ballad for Sri Krishna” è molto delicata. “BHUDEV PRABHU” canta”

“Hare Krishna Blues All Tribes Radio • 2009-10-14 18:20:24 what a great blend of styles...mantra meets the blues ... who says meditation needs to be boring... great music...now on All Tribes Radio”

All tribes Radio

“Extraordinary . . . I loved it! Wolfsong.thePoet • 2011-06-24 19:32:20 I love this kind of rock, and the fusion with meditative was extraordinary and very successful . . . . the music is emotional and flowing without being overburdened with too many layers or too much reverberation . . . its comfortable to listen to under any circumstances .. .. and the guitar was exquisite . .. . And this particular album . . . is extra enjoyable . .. the guitar work and the compositions are excellent . . . giving my brain a chance to think and let the music carry me over the mountains and through the rivers of the valleys . .. the shadows never engulfed me but the light was the shining guide . . . I loved "Ballad for Sri Krishna" which had some delicious bell-like sounds . . . and a comforting guitar . . . a peaceful melody . . . and I think my favorite was "Improvisation after Midnight" but my idea of "my favorite" kept changing as I listened to the album . . . Excellent . . .”