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Brady Hamilton / Press

"...Anetix is on the side of the stage, jumping and preparing to do his set for the first time live with drummer Brady Hamilton. As Turntablist Phlegm cues in the Humungus Fungus intro, you can feel it charging up, like the currents in jacobs ladder, then all of a sudden a wall of sound just hits ya, Brady pounding out beats like a rumble of Thors hammer with Turtablist Phlegm's cuts slicing thru air, bending waves in your ears, then you got Anetix's hi-performance anti-gravity jumps crisscrossing the stage, and this was just the first song. From song to song, the prong was steady stabbing you with hits, my favorite was when they did a beat i made for them, not because it was my beat, but because it sounded better than what i did. Mondegreen had a real solid set all the way thru, the highlight was when Brady went into a drum solo, not a common thing to do on a HipHop set, but these guy's really pulled it off well, because you never lose sight of they're doing and that it is HipHop..."