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Borgata MOB / Press

“Best Download Card – Black Lung and Fresco – Whiteboy wasted represents a movement. A colorful one. One of cocaine residue on download cards. Talk about going overboard…literally!”

“As the owner of a marketing company he incorporates creative strategies similar to that of a presidential campaign to create controversy and publicity for the group. Growing up in Rockford, being exposed to the underbelly of society he relishes in, he shows the world, is his reality. He is quoted as saying, “ as far as the fans and the music industry go, all they need to know about Rockford at this point, is the BorgataMOB, the Whiteboy Wasted EP, and that its dangerous”.”

“Rockford, IL is getting a lot of new publicity but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Most recently, hip hop group BorgataMOB is glorifying the unfortunate circumstances that have 24/7 Wall Street, Money Magazine, Forbes Magazine and the F.B.I, all ranking Rockford as one of the TOP 10 Most Dangerous or Miserable Cities in America. ”

"C. Hare is the creator of the marketing concept that focuses on glorifying drug use, drug sales, violence, and other subjects that push the envelop while exploiting his city’s #9 Crime Ranking of the Most Dangerous Places in America to live. The rappers pushing the message are 23 year old Fresco Clean and 22 year old Black Lung. The duo have infectious styles and lyrical prowess that are both edgy and easy to listen to"

“ My first impressions of the album were that the lyrics were genius, the production was clean, and the energy stayed high throughout. It quickly became apparent Fresco and Black Lung are easily able to convey how much fun they're having while performing and still maintain the professionalism and seriousness needed to pull off a solid album. Overall, "Whiteboy Wasted" is well worth your time, and I highly recommend getting yourself a copy. It has me excited for what these guys and the rest of Borgata Mob have planned for the future, and proud to say they hail from my hometown.”

"Let's put it this way, if Hunter S. Thompson had two little brain children that grew up to be rappers, Fresco and Black Lung would be those kids. One of my favorite tracks on the project is Ballerblock. Soleternity works his magic on this club banger while Fresco goes in on his signature witty "I'll make your girls panties drop" lyrics. Example: "When you come through the hoes run off, when I come through their clothes come off". (more laughs) The project is filled with a lot of new ages sythed sounds that you really haven't heard from these cats before." Chad Swedberg - DonutsandMilk.com

"As I arrived, Black Lung and Fresco Clean were performing together as Whiteboy Wasted. They hit their rhymes left and right, sometimes becoming stuck in a certain sound — but for such young guys, they impressed with their true strength: their wordplay." Ian Jones - VerbicideMagazine.com

"Fresco and Black Lung, who are one notch below school shooters on the short list of America's worst suburban nightmares. They're whiteboys who could easily play the frat rap game, but who rhyme more about stimulants than they do about weed. The prize for best download card definitely goes to these guys, and to whoever helped them execute the virtual coke-sniffing experience for their Whiteboy Wasted campaign. Oh the humanity." Chris Faraone from The Boston Phoenix

“Whiteboy Wasted EP: Fresco x Black Lung "Step Your Game Up" video on NME Online Magazine..Borgata Mob presents: Fresco and Black Lung "Step Your Game Up" preview song from their debut album Whiteboy Wasted. Download the hit track "Dope Money" from the Whiteboy Wasted EP on itunes now! itunes.apple.com Music Produced by Soleternity Produced by C Hare of Borgata Video by Nicholas McGill www.662online.com http www.soleternity.com @borgatamob @662online @frescoclean @blakelung @soleternity @nicholasmcgill @evo662 @stoneystone7272”

“Fresco Clean, 23 year old of Rockford, Illinois, world known battle rapper, ladies man and Member of Borgata has released a sneak peak of his first ever solo song “Stuntin” with a video trailer to the song that was filmed in Minneapolis last month.”

“As a product of the 90s, Black Lung strives to reach out to the generation he once left behind. Originally hailing from the Mississippi waters of Iowa and Illinois, Black Lung is a different breed of rapper. Touching on subjects that we all can relate to such as women, drugs, friends and well, more drugs. He reflects his surroundings with a funhouse mirror and projects them onto rhythms with striking clarity and wit. From Iowa to Chicago, everywhere in between and around, he can be found at dive bars and large venues alike rocking crowds with an energy matched by few of his peers.”

“Fresco's Debut Solo Effort "Stuntin" from the Black Lung & Fresco "Whiteboy Wasted" LP Produced by Soleternity. Due out throught Borgata on itunes.com March 15th 2012.”

“Chris Hare says he routinely sees prostitution from his business's window.”

“Christopher Hare - Get to Know Me RRSTAR.com”

“Name: DJ Jumpoff...Website/contact:Twitter.com/djjumpoff; facebook.com/djjumpoff; 662online.com...Affiliations: Mass Army DJs, Power 106.3 FM, Borgata....When did you first meet C. Hare of Borgata? I met C. Hare at the Coronado Performing Arts Center when we did the “Hip for the Streets, Hop for the Peace” in June. I then started going up to the Studio, since I only live a block away and I already knew most of the people that record there..When is your first event with them since joining? Oct. 15: My Life is a Party Tour with national hip-hop act G-Eazy and Fresco with a special appearance and demonstrations by the instructors from Pole Chicks Women’s Fitness Center on Riverside. ”

“Local entertainment entrepreneur C. Hare of Borgata, who is also an artist manager for local hip hop artists Fresco and RyeBread, will take his artists on the road with national up-and-coming hip hop act G-Eazy.”

“A fashion show Friday featuring T-shirts by Alexis Peabody, 29, of Rockford and her Lexy Charms Couture label and fashions from Privileges Boutique of Rockford will precede a show by hip-hop artist and rap battle champion Fresco of Rockford.”

“Vernita Seegers and her son, Christopher Hare, are fixing up a building to house office space, a recording studio and a beauty salon. Seegers’ mother, Mary Seaman, ran the Barrel of Beauty salon at that location for about 40 years until her death in 2007.”

“C. Hare of Borgata will present Fresco and Dana Coppa at a CD release party from 10 p.m.-2 a.m., Friday, March 19, at Kryptonite Bar, 308 W. State St., Rockford.”

“The event brought 30 rappers together, including the group's first national acts, Fresco and Ryebread. Haling from seven different cities, the night's rappers represented a variety of geographical locations, social circles and levels of expertise.”

“Music, raffles and food are all part of an event Saturday at Rockford College, 5050 E. State St., to benefit Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary and Animal Hospital.”