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BOOLOW / Press

“I arrived just in time to see Boolow and my face immediately began melting to their mind-bogglingly awesome hybrid of traditional metal and punk rock. Hailing from Shelby, these are dudes that came out of the woodwork to rock people's eardrums like none other. Their sick, thrashy goodness seized us all, slamming the delight into our ears brutally. Their fast leads into intense breakdowns are comparable to the greatest days of Metallica (before they sold out). With the screeching punkish vocals intertwined with heavy lows, we all stood in a trance fixating on how fluid and beautifully executed their music was. As if their music wasn't entertaining enough, the sheer crude nature of their stage presence and communication with the audience is worthy of a show in itself. “Fuck you hippy bitches” seemed to be the phrase of the night and although I shudder when I am called I hippy, it was hilarious enough to approve”

“As Jonathan said, “I'm pretty sure these guys are too drunk to play,” Shelby, N.C.'s Boolow began a killer set. “We're used to playing first, so you can imagine how drunk we are now,” they proclaimed. However, they may have been trashed but they still kept it strong, not playing nearly as sloppy as you would expect in complete inebriation. Full of hilariousness, everyone began picking on each other while rocking out to the sick, heavy goodness. Nate Wilkinson began flicking matches at them and we all participated in the rambunctiousness, feeding off of the drunkenness. Hat pulled over his eyes, Jason wavered back and forth, as they jammed the night away, an informal but fantastic cap to an amazing night. I've gotta say, Boolow holds it down, whether playing first or last (or horribly drunk). ”

“Amidst the darkness came the lights, the RAT LIGHTS! Boolow came from Shelby, NC gracing the Plaza-Midwood with fancy light-up rat rings and encouraging audience participation. Their sound is like punky metal hardcore with a sort of country twang to it. Let me clarify by saying that I am not talking about the skinny jeans, hair in your face, sissy whiny hardcore either. When I asked Jonathan Hughes from 25 Minutes to Go what he thought, he described Boolow as “The music baby of Agnostic Front and Skynard.” If you ask Boolow what they sound like, it would go a little something like “If you could hear your Pe-Paw fall from his walker and knocked your baby out of its high chair onto a rabid cat that was choking on a fish bone…..that is what we sound like.” As they rocked out, we all held our PBR’s and rat lights high with epic chants of “RAT LIGHTS, WHAT WHAT!!!” Twas a night of musical epic proportions!”