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“U can do it all! We don't see shit unless you shine on it first! Ur THE LIGHTHOUSE!”

Dae Lovely - FACEBOOK

“THE SCENE SOCIETY would like for you all to pay attention to the brilliance of a self sufficient creative. THE LIGHTHOUSE is extremely self contained and original with his creative application towards the music he sequences. He delivers consistently to his growing fan base, all sorts of good music that would undeniably get you jumping out of your seat in search of the nearest place for you to dance. He says, "Many people tell me hey [LIGHTHOUSE] I cleaned up to your mixes...or it was (so) good...all of which is rewarding feedback for me to hear"... MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com/BOOK_LIGHTHOUSE”

“THE SCENE SOCIETY would like to share with our SCENESTERS; THE LIGHTHOUSE's latest offering. AERODYNAMIC which refers to "curvaceous fly chicks" THE LIGHTHOUSE thinks you're AERODYNAMIC. This one is for you, ladies.”

“THE LIGHTHOUSE has been a personal friend of mine for more than a couple of years. From the beginning, I’ve known him to be a hardworking individual that has adhered to one definitive chief aim: Success. THE LIGHTHOUSE’S hard work has lead him to meet and become acquainted in the entertainment industry, which I’m sure has landed him many first great impressions. His fan-base grows daily as he continues to implement his natural charismatic charm gaining new people who want to support him. THE LIGHTHOUSE has met with Pharrell from NERD on occasion, and was recently named “THE LIGHTHOUSE” by Pharrell. This name is symbolic for THE LIGHTHOUSE’S physical stature, presence and personable character. THE LIGHTHOUSE is the beacon to your EXCITEMENT. Are you ready for your new DJ?”

“Just in time for the new year, THE LIGHTHOUSE is back with another slammin mixtape! it always puts me in a good mood. SUCCESS IS MINE is just what you need to get the party started. it contains some of 2009’s best hits especially HARD by RIHANNA (my fave) so be sure to check it out and show him some love...”