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Bonnie & the Clydes / Press

“I grew up in bluegrass and I love bluegrass, but my band is a full-on country band. I like being loud. I like the drums. The way I came across my gold mine of a record collection is in the song (I wrote), “Used to Play.” It’s about a Texas radio station that was trashing its entire vinyl collection. My husband (Taylor Sims, guitarist for the bluegrass band Spring Creek) and I have 700 records that we saved out of the trash. I grew up listening to old music. I never listened to popular music. … I did love the ’90s — Reba (McIntyre), Garth (Brooks) — I still think that stuff is great. But I have pretty unusual tastes — When people ask me what’s on my iPod, I tell them bluegrass, Broadway and Bob Dylan. ”

“The band’s strength is not just that it’s bringing back a traditional country style. It’s Sims herself. She is a talented performer. And she is a gifted singer. There are no aesthetic surprises. The album’s primary appeal is the lead singer’s performance. Sims’ voice is like linen fluttering on a clothesline — clean, light, in motion and shot through with sunbeams. The timbre dances on the border between granulation and smoothness, and she can do just about anything she wants to with her vocal chords. Listen to “Cowboy Yodel.” Sims performs interval-shifting feats that put her in an elite class of vocal gymnasts. ”