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Bonnie & the BANG BANG / Press

“Bonnie & the BANG BANG Kick Off Their Shoes at Dance Parties”

“From the opening chord of Bonnie and the Bang Bang’s debut album, Ode to Darkness, the listener is transported to a campfire in rural America at the turn of the century, where the ghost stories are that much more chilling—because they just might be real. The lo-fi, stark recording adds to the rustic quality, but aside from the obvious Americana influence of the music—the banjo and mandolin help in that regard—the music is infused with a gospel edge, at least in terms of the emotional depth. There is no doubt that Bonnie and the Bang Bang are a part of the indie-folk fusion movement. The bluegrass instrumentation and old timey spiritual sound are tempered with a subtly lush layering. On top of the plucking of each guitar string is the rich tone of the long sustaining keyboard and the eerie, macabre vocal harmonies, creating a dark, gothic-indie folk sound that is like a surreal artifact of a long-forgotten era—something like reading an alternative reality history book.”

"Bonnie & the BANG BANG are too good to remain only known in the South Bay. They are the real deal. They have a lead singer who sings with a power most can only dream of, and writes lyrics that can manage to be dark, twisted, witty and fun all at the same time. The keyboard player provides some downright catchy and always fitting backing. Joe and Jake provide a perfect one-two punch on guitar, banjo and kick drum. DIY bands sometimes tend to overproduce, probably because of inexperience, as well as recognizing the material they have recorded does not sound very strong. Bonnie & the BANG BANG choose to keep the production sparse, and let the extremely well written and powerful songs stand on their own."

“In all, this band is one of a kind, and if you are a lover of alternative-indie bands, they are a MUST listen.”