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Nicole Renee / Press

"delicious, delicate music that just floats and soars..really knocked out by the rhythm arrangement on "just because", taking out the kick drum and replacing it with some kind of sample of a contrabass (slowed down?)..don't know how you did it, but it fits perfectly into the mix. One of the best guitar players i've heard in ages!!"

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

“Yea Girl!!”

Fatima Lily - Reverbnation

“I'm from the CO, so I love Denver music, & u def reppin nice!”

Falova - Reverbnation

“I'm back to listen again. Wonderfully smooth jazz!!! :-) KCD”


“My Whole LIFE WITH U IS ... BEAUTIFUL ! NiCoLe ** Energy !!! WE NEED !”

Ron Henison - Reverbnation


10 Miles Of Blue - Reverbnation

“outstanding music, keep up the brilliant work”

Second Journey - Reverbnation

“Amazing Compositions here. Excellent Guitar playing and tone. Awesome Musicianship throughout these traxxxxxx. Plays today: Just Because thru Remember Me. My picks have to be: All Of Them. Great work.”

Extreme Dream - Reverbnation

“Great tracks..Great Grooves...luv the vibe!”

Russell A. Worrell - Reverbnation

“Wow your music is amazing Sep 29”

PRO - Reverbnation

"I have to say that "Just Because" instantly puts a smile on my face. I love all 16 songs, thank you so much for sharing."

M. Crenshaw - Facebook

"The following catch my ear and appeal to my soul; *'Sunday With Friends' *'Passing The Time' *'Loving You' Very cool & groovy, Masha. You have a very talented friend. Thanks for sharing~ :)"

C. Robertson Phillips - Empire, AL - Facebook

"Incredible music...now that's what I call smooth California jazz, thanks Masha for sharing!!"

D.Peterson - San Diego, CA - Facebook

“Diggin that freestyle! Yep Yep! Spread Love Ducado~”

"Hey Nic..YEAA!!!:-) I'm Cheering over here, and so Proud of your work over the past weekend, and overall. Never doubt Your a Gift in Music, and continue to share with the world all the Art that is in YOU, as you continue to bless ears around the globe i'll be listening. L.

"You got seriously good music here. Best Wishes." --Boo Boo Cousins