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BoJest / Press

“I am so lucky I found this album. I've been trying to look this band up everywhere. I can completely relate and understand why people are reacting as I am to Bojest. I think part of it is the timing. This music seems to express so much variety and depth in feeling for what seems to me are very crazy times. I hear this and I'm completely uplifted. As a dancer/choreographer, I'm finding that working to this music is stirring up my creativeness far more than at least any pop music I've worked with so far. It lends itself to the visual beautifully. The more I listen to the music, the more I like it. That's saying a lot because I get bored easily. I just wish I could see Bojest live and in a video too. I hope we'll get more from them one way or the other.”

Choreographer - Private Review

“From the home of coffeehouses and rain comes a breath of fresh air and a splash of sun all in the form of beautiful BoJest. With this mix of renaissance, English folk, and classical rock, Anneke aka BoJest are living proof that dreamers live. The exceptional tracks include "Something So Wonderful," "Run (Unconditional Love)," "All the Saints," "Call the Sun" and "Dreamers Live, Dreamers Die." If your collection includes Kate Bush, Curved Air, October/November Project, Sylvia Tosun, Happy Rhodes, Annie Haslam, and Siouxsie & the Banshees, you'll just have to add this one to it as well. For all the cynics who are saying "they don't make good music anymore," they need to turn their radios off and dive deep. There are good CDs out there if you are willing to find them.”

Reviewer - Amazon

“I'm excited. I am in love with BoJest. Out of nowhere, I discovered their single, "Kissing It On"on the radio while on the road around Seneca Falls, NY. I thought it had to be some European group, but apparently not. The sound is extremely catchy. The music is beautifully structured, always has somewhere to go. The style of it is so modern yet so old... I'm guessing keyboards is the tool for composing. You get a full pop band production along with beautiful piano playing, violas, mandolins and most especially, gorgeous strong vocals. The lead singer is a woman, but background vocals must include the entire band. It's been a long while since I found an album that I relish from beginning to end and felt excited about; enough so to try to find more on BoJest, ie other possible recordings or tours. If you liked anything from the Beatles, Jethro Tull, Blondie, Kate Bush etc..you will be in love with BoJest. I hope I can catch a glimpse of them Live in the very near future”

Jake, Lincoln N.Y. - Amazon

“Like The Cranberries? Tori? Cocteau Twins? BoJest Is Terrific! Honestly. I couldn't help but think of John Lennon either when listening to the title cut of Bojests' "Kissing It On"; quirky, psychodelic (resulting in a natural high), catchy... like all the songs-VERY catchy. The best is the last, "Call the Sun". But all songs are fantastic. The lead vocalist sings with uninhibited moods and emotions; completely captivating. I don't see this group anywhere... I would love to hear if they will be performing anywhere, on the tube, etc. I haven't found myself listening repeatedly to an album in such a long time. I'm lucky I found it here... Couldn't get my own copy till now. Thanks.”

By a reviewer (Santa Fe, NM) - CD Universe

“'”BoJest is “Kissing It On” across the U.S. Like all twists and turns, [BoJest & band] keep us alert and aware. BoJest [and company] (a Seattle – based) modern rock band with a theatrical twist – and the lovely singer/songwriter [BoJest] who will turn many a head, keeps us aware of our deepest feelings, and reminds us that new talent of a grand magnitude is always ready to be discovered.... The CD is a blend of [BoJest's] classically trained pianist background, top quality musicians, and songs that weave mysterious visions that could be real, or from a make-believe world. Fans of Kate Bush and Tori Amos won't be able to live without this disc.””


““[BoJest's] music attracts a broad range of audiences and has a diverse appeal... She incorporates the beauty and power of her style of composition with the validity and popular appeal of new rock forms... She is a performer of great energy, beauty and originality.””

John Aeilli – DJ for “Eklektikos.” - KUT-FM in Austin, TX

“ “[BoJest's] sound is haunting, yet with a sweet voice layered over intricate keyboards. She integrates it (classical music) into the pop context... a very delicate thing to do. The lyrics conjure up innocent and surreal images.””

Melissa Quiason - THE SEATTLE TIMES

“When she first began performing in Austin, TX BoJest wa awarded by The Austin Chronicle, “Best New Music” and “Austin's foremost pop singer.””

Luke Torn, Reviewer - The Austin Chronicle

“ “The arrangements are beautiful, innovative and captivating... [BoJest's] well-schooled musicianship provides enough fuel for this upper atmospheric cruise.””

Eugene DePontbriand - NORTHWEST MONTHLY

““[BoJest's] music is an infectious blend of ethereal rhythms, rich orchestrations and wonderful pop music.””


““[BoJest] has something for most tastes. [BoJest] is a talent that bears watching.””


“ “[BoJest] controls the center stage with incredible confidence.... tasteful... as a vocalist, she possesses as good a range as I've heard in this town... highly impressive... I'd recommend this [Bojest's] band to anyone.””

Tim Abbot - SKIN & BONES, Austin, TX