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Bob McCarroll / Press

"By the way, his CD, "These Few Moments" (title/ title track), is outstanding - class act dude. "It Was Fun"...nice work."Don't Ever Change" is a favorite too."

Byron Mogul - Facebook

"I have this album... It's so beautiful it gives me shivers. Great stuff Bob."

“CD REVIEW - NOW & THEN: Bob McCarroll’s album is the dream ticket for anyone running a restaurant in a well-populated tourist area. His swing jazz sound is literally so ‘nice’ I don’t think it could rock the boat any more than a mouse might if it were stowed away on the QE2. While the tracks are perfectly well recorded, and Bob’s vocals emulate the very best of Bublé-style swing jazz vocals, there just isn’t the energy that I’d like to hear in an album like this to take it to the next level. At times, I felt as if it had been recorded so quietly that at any moment you might hear the producer turning the page of a newspaper as he waited for the session to end. Overall, the best moments on the record are when Bob puts the standards to one side and sings his own tracks, as it’s here that you feel a different level of enthusiasm in the performance. Maybe this is because he actually feels a sense of achievement when he sings...click the link below to read more.”

“CD REVIEW - NOW & THEN: One thing about Bob McCarroll-- the man's got taste. First tune off Now and Then, his sweet and tuneful new album is the gem 'Out of Nowhere', a gorgeous, classic, but somewhat less well known tune by Johnny Green with lyrics by Ed Heyman, (the same team behind Body and Soul- tough competition!). He's not a great singer, but a very musical one, and acquits himself admirably on the number before a stand-out version of Just You, Just Me, one of those songs that you may not recognize by title but if I hummed a few bars, you'd go 'oh yeah...' It's kind of the ultimate sophisticated 20s song, and McCarroll sings it with just the right urbane touch. That's followed seamlessly by 'Oh Dear, Poor Little You', an original tune in the style of the others but with the requisite insouciance and attitude to make it work. So often when people write originals in this vein they're carbon copies of some familiar tune, with a lyric...To read more click the link below”

“REVIEW: THAT OLD FEELING: Bob McCarroll's CD, That Old Feeling, is a collection of jazz standards that he's rearranged and recorded. His style is quite lounge-like, and as I listened I imagined myself in the lobby of a hotel, on holiday and pretending to be rich. Clarke Rigsby and Kyle Harris of Tempest studios in Arizona have done a great job of capturing the band, and the result is phenomenally natural and unobtrusive. Bob's vocal, in particular, sounds syrupy-smooth and warm, and I'd bet that one or more of Tempest's impressive array of ribbon mics was used during these sessions. It's clearly a record made by highly experienced musicians who've honed their craft playing in bands over many a year. Jerry Donato's tenor sax, in particular, is great to listen to, but I feel bad picking someone out of a band that gels so well.”