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Bobby Messano / Press

“So Welcome To Deltaville is an album that deserves a place in the collection of any blues fan, the original songs are simply excellent and deserve to be heard far and wide.The covers are sympathetic interpretations of the originals, yet reflect the Bobby Messano sound, so fit in completely on this album. The musicianship is faultless.In fact the only questions I have: When can I get to see this band play live? And can I bring my axe and sit in too?”

“With every new release from Bobby Messano, the sound quality gets better and better. This one is technically the best yet. Add that to the quality material, vocals, and extraordinary musicianship, and this CD gets the highest possible recommendation. It will be loved by fans of Clapton. Winwood, and modern blues in general.”

“This is easily Messano’s best effort to date. His last CD was super and he’s raised the bar even higher with this album. Go look for the CD with the take-off of the old John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers album cover with Eric Clapton, buy it, spin it and relish it- you will not go wrong. I most highly recommend this!.”

“This album is fantastic. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Buy it now”

“) Bobby Messano plays with passion and flair. He's the real deal.”

Gabby Parsons - 105.5 Radio Madison,WI

“): I'm just going to come right out and say it. I don't believe you can see a better show than Bobby Messano's. You can see a bigger show, with more special effects, but I don't believe you can see a better show musically, and I'm not just talking about blues or blues-rock.”

Rhetta Akamatsu - Atlanta Examiner

“that's why i don't sing the blues"...is one of the best recent examples of the enduring blues-rock genre."”

Blues Revue

“Bobby Messano is absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe. True story.”

Deb Magin - Gold Radio Network

“For those who missed the show and have never seen Bobby Messano, he is the best guitar player you have never heard of...Undoubtedly the most underrated act I have seen in ages! Bobby is a guitar wizard! ”

Steve Jones - Blues Blast Magazine

"There is NO DOUBT what so ever: Bobby is on the short list of the BEST players and performers in the world. The Smokin' in Steele show was simply amazing......Much love and respect!"

John Blues Hammer Hammer - Blue Monday Monthly