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Blue Snaggletooth / Press

“They have that glorious '70s riffage and blacklight basement persona. They are a lot like the kids who had long hair, wore cutoff jean vests with band patches, cut class, smelled like cigarettes and turned me on to bands like Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer back in high school.”

“Blue Snaggletooth is proving that you can honor hard rock's past while pumping fresh blood into its future.”

“I can see how, on first glance, Blue Snaggletooth might throw you into a fit of cold, wet nerd-panic. I mean, they have songs about Atlantis, after all, and Time Lords, and whatever the fuck a “Thule” is. But here's the thing: in, say, 1972, shirtless, acid-gobbling riff tyrants like Power of Zeus, Iron Claw, or Blues Creation wrote songs with titles like “Swords of Atlantis” all the time, and it was no big deal. It was cool once, man. Believe it. And anyway, the proof's in the puddin', and Dimension Thule delivers greasy globs of molten ass lava steaming down the skull-shaped crevises of He-Dog Mountain, swallowing villages whole and spitting out splintered bones in its wake. If Manowar were actually evil geniuses just pretending to be a bunch of goons, they'd probably sound just like Blue Snaggletooth. Pure, merciless, macho, proto-metal thud. Gird your loins before you strap Dimension Thule on, because this record will make you pregnant. Even if you're a dude.”

Ken McIntyre - Classic Rock Magazine

“From the Metrotimes for the Blowout: Blue Snaggletooth - Psychedelic stoner rock from a band whose name really should be a Dr. Seuss character. Monster Magnet fans will love 'em.”