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Bloodline Riot / Press

“Bloodline Riot have all of the pieces together to make it as a national act. 58,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and I honestly think they deserve more. Thankfully they drew in a significant crowd despite the weather. The fans showed a ton of support. This is a headline act without question in my book. I can’t wait to see these guys again (and again… and again). They have a great stage presence all around, but the guitar work of Jason Caine really stood out.”

“Bloodline Riot’s music has a great combination of melodic verses, meshed with a pounding backbeat that keeps you energized throughout all of the tunes. There is a certain versatility to their sound that has a bit of something for the metal fan, while at the same time finding some pleasing choruses for the fan of more progressive sounding rock.”

“If you are looking for impressive solos and catchy, heavy guitar riffs, all the tracks on Keys and Clockwork offer a complete mix. Heart pounding rock anthems coupled with an arena rock sound”

“Bloodline Riot is the kind of music you listen to when you need that pick-me-up to get through the day. Tons of energy and some outstanding lyrics provides you with something new and refreshing to listen to. Bloodline Riot is the breath of fresh air in the Detroit music scene!”

“Aside from delivering jaw-dropping live performances, Bloodline Riot offers thoughtfully inspired lyrics that prove they spend just as much time crafting their songs as they do promoting their image.”

“Bloodline Riot is a band that will impress and excite fans of the Detroit music scene just on the merits of it's individual members, but also proves itself with an end result that exceeds the sum of its parts. From powerful, frantic drum beats to the jolting screech of pristine guitar riffs, all melding masterfully with intense, soaring vocals, the Riot will get under your skin and bring out the best that Hard Rock has to offer. Try not to destroy anything...important.”

“Bloodline Riot is the band that Detroit has needed for quite some time. They sound like no one you have heard before, and they have a song everyone should take notice of.”

“Bloodline Riot is - Tight Energetic and Exciting !! - Detroit Rock at it's BEST !!”

“Bloodline Riot's "BURN", an anthem for the fan of just about anything...if you love something set it free, my ass.If you dig it, take it back! Bloodline Riot leads the charge!!!”