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BloodKlot / Press

“BloodKlot!! Old school death metal for the lover of bone crunching riffs,spine ripping screams and total fucking brain drilling drums!! if you haven't heard them yet then head on over to their page and get your buzzsaw hair mill a cranking \m/(>.<) support the underground and get behind these brutaneers ;D ”

“Where do I start with Bloodklot, ok they’ve got a bit of a clichéd death metal name and their tracks sound like the sort of thing Cannibal Corpse would have come up with, but unlike a lot of bands, these guys have got the product to back up the label. Their music is raw, powerful and downright heavy, and certainly not the sort of thing you want to play when your Nan pops around for a cup of tea, but if you like heavy, and I mean proper heavy, then this my friends is the band for you! ”

“All-in-all I think ‘Bloodklot’ have done a good job on this Debut 2 track disc. Creating something that is very listenable and a harken back to the Death Metal of yester year. I think I have a few friends that would really dig this. I look forward to hearing what comes next from this Perth based Death Metal Quartet. ”

“From the deep darkest hole in hell out comes a heavy pounding band that smashes you in the face from the first note of this tune. I could see a mosh pit being formed while fans let out there agression and anger.The guitar amplifiers spinning in circles the drums giving you a nose bleed.The singer has a unique voice with both low and high metal tones.This is a band i could see packing the house at there shows. Metal horns up in the air to this one great work ”

“Impaled By The Reaper follows on, once again opening with a sludgy guitar line raw enough to sand your face to. Slow as it begins, you’re soon hurtled into another pit of screaming, rolling drums, roaring guitar lines and more guttural vocal lines. Kicking into a slower track this time around, things almost seem heavier due to the decrease in the pace of things. The emphasis in this track is on power rather than anything else, but there’s still enough guitar work to make all you budding enthusiasts out there jealous! Picking up the pace midway through, this track isn’t going to form circle pits, this music makes circle pits look like they’re for Barbie dolls and little girls. What this music is going to do is blow your head apart and force you to listen – yet I promise you’re going to love every second of it. ”

“ The first track on The Coagulation, ‘Impaled by The Reaper’ opens with a train like chugging riff setting the ominous stage for what you are about to hear contained within this 2 tracker. The production is actually very tidy, the drums pounded out by Luke Parkinson, sound crisp, clear and tight. The guitars brought by Aaron Mangano and Shane Harrison have a nice attack and sit well in the mix, sounding both thick and defined. Ben Ingram’s bass compliments the whole mix perfectly, you can hear him chugging away under all the great brutality. I think ‘Flamethrower Massacre’ would have to be the standout track for me, it just grabs me right from the start with the superb pounding double kicks, always an attention grabber. ”

“This fortnight we are going deep and dark with Perths 'BloodKlot'. Thick chunky riffs and brutal vox make them a good listen. Only forming in 2009 and really starting to appear on the scene this year shows that this Brutal Death Metal outfit arent f#@kin around. Get ready for your DOOM! {By Hard Focus LIVE music till DEATH} ”

“Flamethrower Massacre opens proceedings with a solid rolling drum beat, chunky riff and pungent (yeah that’s right….I used that word!) bass line. Suddenly, the vocals kick in and add a whole new dimension to things, deep guttural roaring over solid backing music, all rolling onwards like some train of death hurtling towards you. Alternating the vocals between roaring and screaming, the guitars seem to almost differ their sound to accommodate the vocal sound, the drum and bass backing track matching everything and adding in a dark rumbling backing movement which is going to push this further and further in to your skull. All too soon the track comes to a close, yet before progressing onto the next one I found myself reaching for the rewind button to check this one out again, there’s something going on here which makes this a track which you want to listen to – it’s raw power on a track but it works! ”