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Black Vendetta / Press

"They’ve had a back-and-forth exchange that I got in the middle of quite by accident."

"Black Vendetta featured in 'My Play Tag's Upcoming Artists Of The Week'.

"The driving force behind Black Vendetta really does give fans something to hook on to and be gripped."

Skope Magazine

"Listening to Black Vendetta is a musical treat. Excellently crafted, chock-full of talent, the music will impress and delight you."

"4.5 out of 5" - Foley Entertainment 2013

Eugene Foley - Foley Entertainment

"Black Vendetta (aka Nathan Virica) is a one-man band whose skilful embracing of music from the past creates music with a towering future."

"Virica’s an inspired songwriter, capable of conjuring up musical images with big sounds and punchy riffs that would not be out of place in a mid- to large-sized venue."

"Black Vendetta is basically me (et. al, on occasions) but the side of me that drinks a lot and writes bloody good songs. In some ways an alter ego if you will."

"In his own words "If topic matters such as depression, alienation, rejection, recreational drug misuse, failure, cripling anxiety disorders and the occasional reference to death float your boat then my word do I have a treat for you!" 22 year old Nathan Virica is Black Vendetta, an indie rock songwriter from the UK."

"Especially impassioned vocals on “Death of an Angel” and an engaging piano solo topping off the slow, bittersweet symphony of track “Go Ahead and Make My Day.”

"Virica's lyrics and guitar work to shine at the forefront."

"Black Vendetta featured in Rising Magazine's 'Hot & Rising' section"

“Guitar licks and vocal melodies comprised with more than a hint of indie rock sensibility – this pop sound is pure Black Vendetta”

"The music proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Black Vendetta has more great music yet to create."

"Songs like “Go Ahead and Make My Day” with precious vocals Dolores O’Riordan -which can also be appreciated in all the other tracks-, awesome riffs and here and violin gets you in love immediately; “Death Of An Angel” is just wonderful, the acoustic and rhythm guitars sounds just perfect. In conclusion, BV has a new fan here. And surely if you give them a try, you might be joining the club. So head now to www.reverbnation.com/blackvendettababy and get your copy now. Regret will be the last thing you would feel after listen the whole thing." Rate: 4.5/5


Foley Entertainment - Foley Entertainment

"An interesting EP with some nice elements."

"He is onto something special."

“(Black Vendetta featured in YH World's "What's Hot?) section).”