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Black Liquid / Press

“Black Liquid — who's been known to sit in with indie band Canary, Oh, Canary — comes in second.”

“Welcome to lunchtime at Franklin Military Academy — Black Liquid style. The Richmond public school best known for strict discipline and neatly pressed uniforms loosened up a bit Monday so students in a class sponsored by teacher Daniel Fox and taught by Black Liquid, a Richmond hip-hop writer, producer and performer, and his assistant, Roger Tyler, could show off what they had been learning. “Hip-hop is another way of telling a story,” said Robert “Lil Roc” Allen IV, one of 10 students who took the class. “We’re definitely learning a lesson.” The lessons have come through a program run by the nonprofit group Art 180. Liquid and Tyler teach a similar course at Sabot at Stony Point, a private kindergarten-eighth grade school in South Richmond. “The decisions you make can make you or they can crush you,” Liquid said. “We’re trying to teach students the power of making positive decisions.””

“Where the hip hop class is concerned, Carney believes it's had a positive effect on the school as a whole. "The program receives great responses from the students and parents," she says. Black Liquid, who has previously worked as an assistant at Art 180’s Songwriting program at Henderson Middle School, has been teaching this class to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Sabot for three years. The goal of the class is to teach growing kids about the possibilities for expressing their creativity through the medium of hip hop.”

"Black Liquid, a pillar of Richmond's hip-hop scene, has opened for the likes of Snoop."

“My latest release The Black Experience as well as all my music and team’s releases can be downloaded/streamed for free at www.datpiff.com/Black-Liquid-The-Black-Experience-mixtape.403290.html or you can go to my site www.BlackLiq.com which also has stream links to both FM radio shows. Your time and attention are the most valuable things you can spend on me. I also have several merch items such as t-shirts, wristbands, stickers, magnets, couzi’s, etc. If you are interested in any of that, use the contact form on my site or email me at LiqDontStop@Gmail.com. I am also always looking for artists with music for me to play on my radio shows, so if you have some clean records for me to check out, send me those too and make sure you include your info; I am all about supporting each other! As a DJ it is my responsibility to get your music to my listeners’ ears!”

“Black Liquid — real name Rob Fields — has more than 15 hip-hop albums under his belt and the ready skills for disposing with large crowds. If you missed the MC’s past appearances at the National, including two openings for Snoop Dogg, you may have heard his radio shows on WRIR 97.3-FM and WDCE 90.1-FM. Fields was born in California but grew up in Richmond. One day he got inspired. “I heard this beat and I was like, holy shit, this beat is Richmond. The beat was called something like ‘the streets with dark gutters’ and I was like, this is Richmond.” Hard-hitting as his tune is, Black Liquid acknowledges that the problems he articulates aren’t limited to his hometown: “There’s no place like Richmond, even though every place is just like Richmond.” blackliq.com.”

“Best Local Radio DJ: (tie) Shannon Cleary (WRIR) and Black Liquid (WDCE)”

“2011 Bests - Hip Hop/R&B: Just Plain Ant, Black Liquid, James Dangle, Nickelus F, Sleaze, Luggage, Joe Threat, Noah O, Ruin, Young Richmond Outkasts, Isaiah & Hovey, Photosynthesizers, Brad Moss”

“There is no doubt that Black Liquid works hard--in addition to his work on Face Melt Friday, he hosts two weekly radio shows (one each on WRIR & WDCE), has released 15 albums since 2008, performs live constantly, and seems to be omnipresent on social media. But what really sets Black Liquid, born Rob Fields, apart is his passion to give opportunities to others, and to reach people with his message. He keeps a schedule more like a political candidate than a hip-hop artist: I’ve seen him shaking hands at First Fridays, taking pictures at The Camel, handing out his album in front of Strange Matter, and delivering his energetic message in support of RVA hip-hop to anyone that will listen. His enthusiastic campaign led me to wonder: what if Black Liquid was elected President of the RVA Hip-hop scene? He is already one of the scene’s most vocal advocates and visible ambassadors.”

“Black Liquid is a MC/Radio, DJ/Promoter in Richmond, Virginia. Last year he opened for Snoop Dogg at The National, Bone Thugs and Harmony at The Hat Factory, Doodlebug at The Canal Club, Photosynthesizers at The National, Band Belief at The National, and did a SPCA benefit at The National. In addition to those achievements he also released a free CD every month from March on. Along with that, he did two radio shows a week on two different FM stations, and killed over 50 other shows all over Richmond as well as NC & DC . This year he headlined The National, twice, opened for Snoop Dogg again at The National 4/26 (his 8th time there), opened for Big Pooh in Roanoke, Virginia, and opened for Bone Thugs again 6/1 at The State Theater DC, and he has so much more planned. Black Liquid is hungry, He will not stop. In the words of Black Liquid "The real must be represented, Richmond must be represented, Hip-Hop itself must be represented, and that's what I am doing every day." Check him out!”

“The table was then set for the Hardest Working Man in RVA Hip-Hop: Black Liquid and the New Juice Crew. With Swerve 36 on the wheelz, Black Liq went in with energy like no other; he likes to calls it “Melting Faces,” and if you were in the building you’d have to agree. With 15 albums, the main challenge for Liq might be selecting what songs to perform, but he hit the crowd with his normal high tempo set including his latest anthem, "Can I Get A Deal," and the growing classic "Richmond." Black Liq worked the crowd into frenzy before exiting to start his radio show in 5 minutes--the man works hard.”

“Black Liquid is a talent like no other. Real rap, using his heart and mind to purvey a message many MANY more need to hear. Out if Richmond,VA BLACK LIQUID shows Grit and Grind. If you havent heard of him, you will! True Music! ”

“Black Liquid followed up with the high octane set expected from the undisputed hardest-working man in Richmond Hip Hop. Two things: why don’t more people know the words to his highly infectious anthems? And why aren’t more live sound techs prepared for performers like Black? Artists like him should be more proactive in their approach to performance arts. The way you sound on stage is like the left footprint of the tracks you leave behind in this city. Come early, and come with instructions. The sound tech last night should have been boosting Black's vocals as his set progressed to accommodate the gradual decibel decline in vocals that come with a vicious stage attack like Black's. He topped off his set with “Richmond," one of my top ten favorite hip-hop tunes of all time. Black definitely turned the energy level up a notch in preparation for Luggage to take the stage. (Black Liquid will be performing @ The Camel Sept. 10th for the RVA Music Fest)”

“This hardworking MC has been getting out in front of a lot of local hip-hop fans lately, from opening for artists like Snoop Dogg and Bone Thugs N Harmony to headlining The National. He also does two different local hip-hop radio shows, one on Mondays from 11 PM-1 AM on WDCE (90.1 FM), and one on Saturdays from 1-3 AM on WRIR (97.3 FM). Last year's This Is Hip-Hop got a lot of attention for its single, "Richmond," which threw the spotlight on RVA hip-hop and proved that Black Liq is always trying to represent for his home city and state. During the RVA Music Fest, Black Liq will be performing at the Camel Showcase on Saturday September 10.”

“Metaphorically speaking, hip-hop artist Black Liquid is a killer. He regularly warns audience members that they are going to die on that particular evening, murdered by words and beats alone. The man has plenty of ammunition in his arsenal, too, with 15 albums already under his belt and skills for disposing with large crowds. Even if you missed Black Liquid's eight appearances at the National, including two opening for Snoop Dogg, and one at Hat Factory with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, you may have witnessed one of his monthly showcases at smaller venues. He also supports local talent by inviting them onto his two radio shows, "Hip Hop for the Rest of Us" on WRIR and "Hip Hop 101" on WDCE. Although Black Liquid -- real name Rob Fields -- was born in California, he grew up in Richmond and he explained to Style Weekly why he finally gave in and wrote a song about it.”

“Ayo Homie, you ain't heard? Black Liquid might be the hardest working name attached to Richmond Hip Hop. From opening up for notable acts like Bone Thugs N' Harmony to headlining at The National, Black holds it down. It don't stop there neither. His discography is vast and free for download at various locations around the web (like this one). Black reps selflessly for VA hip hop, hosting two weekly radio shows: one Mondays from 11-1am on WDCE (90.1 FM), the other every Saturday from 1-3am on WRIR (97.3 FM). I've been privy to the inner workings of the Richmond Hip Hop scene for a minute, and I gotta say, no one utilizes resources to the fullest like Black Liquid.”

"The past year alone has been madness for Black Liquid and his team who has opened for Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Icon The Mic King, Doodlebug, Band Belief, and Photosynthesizers, killing 50 other shows all around Richmond Virginia as well as in North Carolina & Washington D.C. Black Liquid has a video up on VladTV that is currently over 16,000 views, he has made it to the final round of DJ Fahrenheit’s (Young Jeezy‘s DJ) Making The Next Hit (grand prize = $100,000 Def Jam/CTE production deal), he has dropped a FREE CD every month since march, all the while doing 2 radio shows on 2 different radio stations, WRIR 97.3FM & WDCE 90.1FM, every week. for him its always been about integrity, finding a clear path of expression, and he intends to follow this through whole heartedly."