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Black Dirty / Press

“I love how [the] songs are entertaining and fun to listen to and how interesting it feels to not know exactly where the music will take me. It just goes. The amazing talent behind BLACK DIRTY is clearly out front and center for everyone to hear.”

“It’s rare that a math rock song reaches such an understanding between melody and complexity, and for that reason the track is definitely going to be one of my most played this summer.”

“One thing is clear, regardless: if their stellar debut is any indication, Black Dirty have a bright future in the math-rock biz. Fans of all things mathy should check Dirty Water out immediately, if not five minutes prior to actually reading this sentence. But even if sleepy, gazey indie rock is more your speed, Black Dirty still have a lot to offer.”

“Its these ballsy musical choices, polished into tunes that manage to be accessible for casual listeners while still providing something for theory nerds to get excited about, that betray the mark of true musicianship. ”

"Beautiful guitar work, delicately crafted vocals, and cool polyrhythmic bass and drums reign supreme in this four piece’s formula; it can be easily assessed as rock solid in nearly every aspect, with no facet falling flat."

“Each member brings a distinct musical pedigree that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Instead, all these separate flavors blend seamlessly into a sonic concoction that is both exhilarating in its technicality and intimately soulful.” ”

“Tapping rhythms, melodic vocals, and groovy jams to back it up, the stars have aligned to form this little gem of a band; the prospects look hopeful for the future.”

“It’s hard to pin down the sound exactly, but it sounds something like an imaginary island of alternative music located somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. It’s not quite a UK style math-sound and it’s not quite a folk-esq US sound either, but it is populated and punctuated by the same sonic measures of tapping, slides and complex syncopations that we know and love.”

"It was a real show. It was dynamic, subtle guitar stuff then the drummer just fucking destroying shit, then killer vocals drifting through the ether, and then rock destruction again. Fucking great. "

Matt Muir - Kawari Sound, Retro City Studios