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Bird Call / Press

“The New York-based band, whose singer's Victoria Legrand-esque voice guides us through an experimental-without-being-overwhelming aural landscape...We're ready for take-off.”

"Astral-pop, spaceage synthwave, whatever you want to call it, we’re falling fast for Bird Call."

"heart-burstingly lovely."

“It’s pop filtered through loose, borderless sensibilities, not defying genre, but rather cherry-picking across blurred lines to great effect.”

"Phantasmogoric electropop...showcases Angelicola’s seductive voice over a moody tapestry of horror score instrumentation."

"...a dark, yet highly infectious sound that you will instantly become a fan of and will yearn for more once Will We Get To Mars? has hit the airwaves."

“It's a change that suits Angelicola's direct, impassioned voice well. Collaborator Bryan Senti has kept the spirit behind Bird Call's earlier material, with its ethereal backing arrangements and focus on Angelicola. But removing earthly instruments and adding more percussive elements allows the songs to exist on their own terms. The result are songs with a mysterious and appealing quality.”

““Phantom Limbs” has a dangerous, romantic quality to it, Angelicola emoting over a bed of cinema-worthy synths like Grimes on downers."”