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Billy Irvine / Press

“Susie Clarke - Musician & Promoter..... "Billy is a joy to watch on stage; a humble character producing sounds that stay with you long after his performance ends. From the driving stomp box beat that resonates to your core, to the nostalgic blues journey he takes you on with his beat up National guitars and mature voice, switching from gravelly to honeyed. From the outset Billy is an artist that captures your attention. But it is when he skillfully adds in resonant melodies from his three didjeridoos that he becomes a truly exciting experience. Billy Irvine is a must see." Susie Clarke.”

“Matt Joyes - Brooklands FM... " Billy came into the studio (Brooklands FM) and absolutely blew us away! Fully loaded with a couple of didj's and a guitar, he set the air alight as he gave a great performance on a sunny but stuffy Friday afternoon. Playing three songs and chatting live on air, Billy was very easy to get along with, down to earth and very relaxed talking about his unique take on that blues edged acoustic sound. He made my interveiw exceedingly easy. Great sound, great guy, and a treat to watch live. Always welcome back." Matt Joyes.”

“Lance England - Sound Engineer / Radio Engineer.... "It was a real pleasure to work with Billy, who is a charming and very talented, not to mention a very creative musician. It was challenging to capture the rich and haunting tones of the didjeridoo for our radio broadcast, but Billy made it all worthwhile with several excellent compositions. Billy's ability to play such a range of instruments is staggering, and the way he combines unusual instruments and tones makes his music very interesting indeed. I really enjoyed working with Billy on Brooklands FM, and hope that he will give our listeners another chance to enjoy his music very soon!" Lance England.”

“John Roberts - Barking Spider Promotions Uk & Eire.... "I've received Billy's CD and i'm very impressed with it. 'I am the Wind' reminds me very much of something that Ry Cooder would do for a film soundtrack. This from me, is praise indeed!" John Roberts.”

“Vic Cracknell - Musician & Promoter.... "Billy Irvine played a featured set at a couple of gigs I put on and I was most impressed with his performance. Not only were his songs good, but he played with an original style combining his vocal withn National steel guitars, stomp box and didjeridoos. He is a rare talent who is clearly influenced by the blues pioneers and musicians of the past, but combines this with contemporary songwriting. He has a likeable personality and on stage he exudes energy and engages the audience. I look forward to having Bill come back to play some time in the future." Vic Cracknell.”

“Nick Christy - R & D Records "I was listening to the electric versions on Saturday afternoon with a friend of mine here in Australia who is a professional musician and sound engineer, (a very talented one at that). He has worked with people in the industry (mostly in LA) who have engineered and produced such bands as, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Rolling Stones. He and I were listening to various things on Saturday to compare recording quality on certain albums. Billy's songs came up after Kings of Leon (Only by the Night) and Eva cassidy (Fields of Gold). Two benchmark records for my friend in terms of vocal recording and instrument separation. His opinion was that Billy's music was excellently recorded and stood up well to the records before it. In terms of liking the music, he asked who it was as he wanted to buy it... He's a hard man to please - so well done to all involved!" Nick Christy.”

“Helen Parker - Live Music Showcase.... "With his unique vibe, a deluxe array of sounds, hearty rhythms and inspirational lyrics, Billy Irvine captivates his audience and never fails to evoke the true spirit of music. A talented original with an incredible ambition to go far!" Helen Parker. ”