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Big Wheel Stunt Show / Press

"...the trajectory modern music has taken has somehow added a weight to their load. The Big Wheel Stunt Show isn't just a band; they're keepers of history..." ~Weekly Volcano, Jan 2012

"THE BIG WHEEL STUNT SHOW. Who are they? Three lads in Tacoma (Washington) that when you hear, you will not believe: Seventies rock reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad ... made in 2011. Why do we recommend? Because they are brutal. It's clear. Furious guitar, heavy drums, hammer bass and a voice that freezes the blood. Jimmy Page feel envious if you come across them. Indispensable songs. They have two albums, the last, Cheetah milque, where you can listen to this madness, Puget blues:" ~RollingStone Magazine, Spain (Eng. Trans)

"Big in their home town of Tacoma, Washington, Big Wheel Stunt Show have a sound big enough to rattle arenas and immediate enough to blow your skull off. Their global break-out starts here." ~CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE, London Oct 2011 - "When the Mountain Blows" Track #1 on Magazine "Sideshow CD" Insert.

"...Big Wheel Stunt Show is the big, hairy, smelly beast representing the south end in the Puget South area. They're all blood, sweat, big amps and broken guitar strings - blowing through each live performance leaving everyone in the joint feeling a lot better about the modern state of rock n roll. Not a emo or fad modern bone in their body the Big Wheel Stunt Show keep a rollin’ - destroying every notion of what all the posers say is popular in today's music... " BlackHole Music Magazine NW

"... Big Wheel distills their rock with nods to Sabbath, Mountain, and classic hardcore blues. Their latest record, Cheetah Milque, completely blew my biker boots off, especially the track and today’s Daily Earwig, When The Mountain Blows. I highly recommend picking it up, and then turning it up to 11..." ~DJ Cherrybomb! "Daily Earwig"

“My Top 10 PNW Indie albums of 2011" - In terms of total rocking out to any local act at a live show, The Big Wheel Stunt Show is unbeaten in providing the tunes in which to absolutely rock. Far from metal, but hard enough to be Hard Rock at times, BWSS brings a mix of 70s rock, blues, soul, and love to their music that will flat out knock you on your ass..." ~Kevin Heiderich, Shock Treatment Management”

"excerpt"...BWSS singer/guitarist Evan Nagle ripped it ... until a cranky neighbor had enough. Then the Harmon Tap Room staff had to play good cop/bad cop with the band manager until Nagle finally gave in and dialed it down to 10. A shame. I was enjoying the 11 very much.

"Cheetah Milque is one of the breaths of fresh air as far as music is concerned. What I mean by that is it’s fresh, original, it doesn’t try to imitate someone else and it’s repeat worthy. Personally it’s one of those albums I can always turn to when I’m not sure what it is I want to listen to."

“Named after a conversation about how different animals’ milk would affect a human, “Cheetah Milque” is packed with sprints of energetic funky fun, as one would expect to feel after drinking the milk from the fastest cat in the world. The album gets off on the right foot starting out with the title track and showcases singer Evan Nagle’s deep, soulful vocals – which vaguely resemble those of the late great Jimi Hendrix when coupled with some echo effects. Nagle’s blues-infused rock guitar is complemented perfectly with Jake Melius’ impressive, pounding bass plucks and Justin Gimse’s unrelenting drums. As a band that prides themselves on their live performances, listeners definitely get a taste of that raw, in-your-face sound even through the stereo.”

““In the beginning we were a lot more punk, and in-your-face-rock stuff,” Gimse said. The addition of Melius to the Stunt Show helped focus the sound into the current high-energy mix of blues, soul and rock and roll. “It’s always been a learning experience. The first year was a major one for us learning what we have to do to get where we are now,” Nagle said. “The second year was us starting to write better music and come up with a style to define us. “This year, we’re really finding our sound, and from here on out we’ll be experimenting with new sounds on every album.” Cheetah Milque (named after an off-the-wall conversation between band mates about how different animals’ milk would affect a person) was recorded as raw and real as possible and has further secured the Stunt Show’s appeal as a band-to-love for live audiences.”

““They’re the real deal,” raved Jason Flom, guitarist for local rock band Legend of Bigfoot. “There’s nothing fake about ’em, and they’re kind of a throwback band. (Seeing them) must have been what it was like to walk into a club in the mid to late ’60s to see the MC5, or maybe even the mid-’70s and seein’ Van Halen. Watchin’ Evan must be what it felt like watching Eddie Van Halen in 1975.” “Their style is obviously a heavily ’70s-influenced free-form kind of style,” weighed in Jeff Hamel, singer-guitarist for Puyallup-based classic rock band Sweet Kiss Momma, an act that’s shared several bills with Big Wheel Stunt Show. “Evan squeezes some really incredible solos into their songs. I think each show is different because of it. They’re a band you can see more than once and still enjoy.” ”

“By the time The Hardcount finished their set, the house was packed, the sold out sign was posted on the front door, you could feel the energy of the crowd rising as they anticipated the headliner Big Wheel Stunt Show. They definitely lived up to the hype, and beyond. Evan Nagle on vocals and guitar had his foot on the throttle from the get go. Justin Gimse on drums and Jake Melius on bass followed that lead and provided the fuel that powers this big-block hemi powered trio. Halfway through their song "Old Time Reason" I felt like I was witnessing something really special, like I was catching this band right before they blow up and get big. Good stuff!..." ”

"There’s something happening in Tacoma’s Music scene that is like a little secret. To all Seattle heads who never dare venture south of Safeco Field, you’ve got some talent on your heels and it’s coming from all directions. One of those groups is BigWheel Stuntshow who I had heard about consistently but never had a chance to see live until GritCity Fest. All I can say is if you ever get a chance in your long legged life to see this band it’d be well worth you time. Ohio transplant and front man Evan Nagle is 2 parts James Brown, 1 part Hendrix 1 part alien and all parts a freak of nature on the guitar and the mic. Oh yea, the rest of the band is just as talented as well! Haha. There’s not much you can say that wouldn’t describe just how good this band is. Do check them out."

“excerpt "...The new Hell's Kitchen sports two giant speaker cabinets built into the front of the stage - optimally placed for guitarist leaps - and they saw their fair share of activity at Nagle's hands. Or feet. Whatever. The bottom line is headliner Big Wheel Stunt Show brings a large enough audience to really appreciate this level of showmanship. "What a BWSS show ends up being like is Rock Music. Really good Rock Music. And if you've been reading my columns over the last few months, you know how I feel about Rock Music. (Hint: I like it. I like it a lot.) Big Wheel Stunt Show is rolling off to Austin for a few SXSW shows, but they'll be back in town for an April 2 Java Jive show with my last article target, 10 Miles of Bad Road. Go forth and become rocked." ”