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F5 Entertainment / Press

“Nominations for the Ninth Annual Native American Music Awards were announced ...Arigon Starr, JSK, Pipestone, Susan Aglukark, Tamara Podemski and Arvel Bird have three each.. 'Best New Artist, 'Best Hip-Hop,'Best Video”

“Jaime Scott, of the Huckleberry Jam says, "Even though we're not really in the positive I wouldn't say we even got out of the red." We spent $20,000 on the media campaign alone and that's something I know casinos don't do." ”

“The idea of the large event spawned from Jaime Scott, a Warm Springs tribal member with local ties. He's been involved in the music industry the past 15 years,"His dream is to put something on of this magnitude"”

“Jaime Scott is no stranger to promoting CDs to strangers. "The independent music scene in the Bay Area, that's how it is," says Scott, a veteran West Coast rap promoter "You pull up to the Arco and there's four or five rap vans with popped trunks trying to push their CDs on you." ”