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Behold! The Monolith / Press

"Defender, Redeemist builds on the cement foundation of Sleep and Electric Wizard while using lumber coated with Mastodon and Baroness. The reinforced finished product, however, is pure B!TM"

"Where did these guys come from?"

"...the band is at its most heinous, laying down an ageless, soul-sucking black metal doom that ebbs, flows, and screams in myriad glorious ways....Defender, Redeemist is one hell of a monster on so many different levels."

"If a bong-ripping demon rose from the fiery underworld to impregnate Motörhead, their resulting hellish lovechild would undoubtedly be Behold! The Monoloth......like an auditory journey through the old wizard-covered highschool metalhead’s notebook you know you’ve got buried somewhere in your room, this album oozes pure ass-kicking aggression."

"Defender, Redeemist is one of those rare albums where saying “holy fuck” truly conveys the feeling behind the album..."

"Behold! The Monolith are one of Sludge Metal’s best kept secrets but its now time for that secret to be shared with the world....the first masterpiece of 2012 has truly arrived. This will definitely be on my best of 2012 list that is for sure."

"The L.A. based riffers summon High on Fire's hesher fury on their second album. Partial credit for this is due to HoF/Neurosis producer Billy Anderson, who helped this power trio capture its pummeling rhythms and burning guitar work. The result is eight thrashing tracks of bullish, doomy Metal."

Guitar World Magazine

"Behold! The Monolith crush your pathetic skeletal frame with their Doom power....this is one bad-ass, maniacal, beast of a record that should put this band on the fast track to subgenre dominance and larger stages to hold their chaos."

"Behold! The Monolith have really outdone themselves with this one. I always knew this band was good but I didn't expect this. 'Defender, Redeemist' is my first favorite album of 2012. It is a flawless album that should push the band to the next level of popularity. Killer stuff...........10/10."

"Even though there is a variety of musical elements throughout the album, the apocalyptic doom vibe is created right from the first note, and never leaves the album at any point. This vibe binds the eight tracks together brilliantly and makes “Defender, Redeemist” worthy of continuous long-play. Fans of the older material will find plenty here that they’ll identify with, but the music is stronger, darker, more diverse, and certainly more epic....a relentlessly amazing record from start to finish, this one comes as strongly recommended from me to all fans of heavy music. Rating: 10/10"

"In a day and age when even bands as abrasive and drug-imploded as ZOROASTER are inking relatively big record deals, it seems the time is right for West Coast golems BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH to shamble into view. Worshiping at the altar of the riff, possessed of an earth-rumbling tone, and crafting lengthy sludge epics worthy of their hessian ancestors, these guys are a worthy next step in the evolution of the heavy....If the doomed, creaking soul of proto-metal stoner riffs, agonal vocal scratchings, and the lurching throb of big, booming low end appeal to you — basically, if you like any of the above-mentioned bands — BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH are worth seeking out. Their earth-cracking crunge is the perfect soundtrack for these troubled times, bleary-eyed doom sludge as soundtrack to the end of the empire. Recommended."

“It may come as no surprise to discover that Behold! The Monolith are a Sleep-inspired stoner/doom band with a penchant for virile, manly pursuits such as mercilessly waging battle and gazing into Chthulu-esque abysses in search of tentacled, multi-dimensional demigods, but this California-based three-piece also have a sensitive side. Amongst the loping, dandruff-loosening grooves and burrowing, fuzzed-up leads there's a wistful airiness brewing that expands into the languid psyched-out space rock. Behold! The Monolith will have you seeing all kinds of stars.”

"Ass-heavy like Mastodon or High On Fire, y'know, that sort of weightiness that you won't even headbang to because your neck feels too heavy, Behold! The Monolith promise great things on this three-track debut EP. Uglier and grittier than the aforementioned heavyweights, they can also rock out like the '70s were just yesterday. Bodes well, this does. 8/10"

“A friend turned me onto these guys by sending me a link to their myspace page. They are a three piece doom metal band out of the Los Angeles area and I really dig this album. One of the great things about working at and with indie record stores is the chance to find bands that aren't signed to a label or anything and get them some exposer. We worked out a direct deal with em to get their content on the digital site cause i feel they are just a good as any of the bigger "doom" bands out there. They have a little bit of a psych feel to them at parts so it's not all "slow and low" as you would think. Besides, you got to love an album with a song like "Battle For Balls Deep" on it. ”

““Quality Sludge is hard to find these days if you’re getting tired of the big names, and so it’s a pleasant surprise to turn on Behold! The Monolith’s debut EP and hear something that references several bands – High On Fire and Mastodon the main ones I can pick out – without ever stooping to actually stealing from them. Yes, a new Sludge band that has their own sound – I’m as shocked as you are, but there it is. Mixing Bluesy catchiness and Celtic Frostian thrashings is something that many have tried but few succeed at, but here Land Of The Midnight Sun achieves that and more, bassist Kevin’s vocals a more old-school Death Metal take on Tom G. Warrior’s morbid grunt. What’s especially impressive is how naturally the songs flow from section to section, despite the six minutes length never getting dull or struggling, keeping that classic Doom sound at the foundation....Keep an eye out for this band, for great things are sure to come.” Read the rest at MetalRevie”

"The easy stuff: BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH come from Los Angeles, California, USA and they were formed in 2007. The good stuff: They fucking rock! Their demo sets off with a doom oriented sludging song that drags its feet on a bassline distorted with a vintage sound that brings to mind Cliff Burton while the riff is reminiscent of Black Sabbath until 3:58… then Celtic Frost are all over the place with the pace multiplied and the rotten vocals finding a morbid enough environment to rot even more. I didn’t see that coming! Next song hits in with more progressive intentions showing that Mastodon are another influence before returning in a Trouble like riffology and atmosphere with film (?) voices. The third song starts slowly and doomy before becoming another rot n roll anthem. And the raw(t)ness continues…."