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Bedowyn / Press

“Raleigh’s Bedowyn spent two years honing their sound before issuing 2013’s five-song debut Wolves & Trees. Their patience served them well. Full of familiar inflections, Wolves & Trees embraces the soar and scope of classic metal while reveling in the gruff thunder of doom and death, the pace of thrash and the hooks of hard rock. And where many are content to retread tire tropes, Bedowyn looks to fuse them together in new shapes. When the band shifts from a thrash gallop into pensive psych-rock on “Evil and Right,” the transition is seamless. This pan-metallic fluency helps Bedowyn avoid monotony, but it also makes their music more inviting. Where codified subgenre purism breeds insular orthodoxy, Bedowyn’s heretical embrace of all things heavy leaves room for fresh inspiration.”

“Bedowyn create enormous sludgy riffs that would make Black Sabbath and Corrosion of Conformity proud. On their debut EP Wolves & Trees the band combines the best mixture of modern day riffing with an old school approach. / The approach of Bedowyn’s music will never go out of style, as their songwriting is pure genius.”

"Wolves & Trees" is currently being distributed in the U.S. by Heavy Ripples Distribution http://heavyripples.bigcartel.com/

Bedowyn Facts

“The local metal scene is already crowded with faithful revivalists. Bedowyn, however, earns its keep with a near-heretical fluidity of styles. Touches of metal's more extreme variants complement the band's accessible approach. Backing vocals on "Evil/Right" screech like a shouldered devil, suggesting black metal vitriol atop a mean gallop. And while they'd never be confused for a style-over-substance tech-metal act, Bedowyn doesn't shy from instrumental ambition.”

“European distribution by Clear Spot Distribution - http://www.clearspot.nl, and Ozium Records - http://www.oziumrecords.com (http://www.oziumrecords.com/shop/details/963)”

Bedowyn Facts

“Bedowyn is a band I want to see live. Not in a "The Chariot" way where the live show is something to take notice of but the album is a complete joke. No, I want to see Bedowyn live like I want to see The Sword live. Their music is there to knock you on your ass.”

"Snarling Of Beasts” off of “Wolves & Trees” is a featured song in the newest RockSmith video game from Redstorm - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqKg87z3BQg

Bedowyn Facts

“Managing to be both in the comfort zone while trying to find new ways to push their sound, Bedowyn is simply a good band with smart and intelligent elements rightfully placed. Clean guitars, throaty but not too aggressive vocals and warm, well produced riffs made this EP a success and established a band with a shitload of potential. Someone should sign these guys, I'm sure they can pierce their market. They're hard working, their dual guitar attack is cool and they have this melodic edge which could appeal to a mainstream metal market while not alienating the others.”

“It's hard not to overstate the strengths present on this EP. That is to say, everything. Try as you might, it seems damn near impossible to find any way to improve upon the formula that Bedowyn has concocted. They have found a niche that combines something for everyone to enjoy. By no means does that imply that they are watered down or overly accessible. Quite to the contrary; they've harnessed the power of the forefathers of metal, and brought them kicking and screaming into 2013. They've captured all of that warm feeling, without sacrificing production, songwriting, or musicianship. We've seen our fair share of bands throw another log on the fire since it started burning some forty years ago, but very few have seen the flames rise this high. Black Sabbath gathered the kindling, and Bedowyn are burning down the camp sire. The only difference is, without question, I would take Bedowyn over modern day Sabbath any day of the week.”

"Wolves & Trees is featured on compilations such as the international Sinister Path Promotion's Bandcamp compilation - http://sinisterpathpromotions.bandcamp.com/, The Ripple Effect's Heavy Reverb Compilation - http://www.reverbnation.com/therippleeffect7, and Heavy Planet’s Compilation "Bong Hits From the Astral Basement Volume 2” - http://heavyplanet.bandcamp.com/album/bong-hits-from-the-astral-basement-volume-2

Bedowyn Facts