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Phil A / Press

“Roger Rabbit ain’t got shit on this!”

“Phil A. does a great job creating a fast paced, heavily organic style of beat creation as he really put in mad work on this 22-track masterpiece. I was able to pick up on Phil A.’s talent in a past post and with that said, this project is a must listen for DJs and casual fans of real, authentic beatmaking as it comes from the ground up.”

"this is a fabulous introduction into the funky soul of a promising producer."

“I get these texts on my phone from Phil A. I’m like, “who the fuck is this?” Thankfully I took the time to check the music…”

“Phil A & Hassan - Rap Songs listed as Best Las Vegas Albums of 2011. "This is stripped down, sample-heavy New York beat structure with big acrobatic lyricism and the age-old tradition of clowning the shit out of weak rappers."”

“Rap Songs is full of both East and West Coast friendly hip hop and boasts some dope boom-bap style sounds.”

“Not only Phil A is a excellent emcee, he’s also mad nice on the boards.”

"Phil A. & Hassan will soon become your favorite artists; and that is a guarantee."

“...debuting their new track they’re currently just calling “Vegas” for around 50 listeners. The beat on the new song finally matches the enormous delivery Phil and Hassan can muster: It was all heavy anthemic horn lines, like every verse was reintroducing a long-lost gladiator to his hometown. It was epic in the correct use of the word “epic.””

“...Phil A and Hassan are in the latter half of their set, dominating the stage per usual. The guys are riding Phil’s funk-inspired beats back and forth to a room full of bobbing heads.”

“Watching the juggernaut duet is like watching Cronus eat his children. From beginning to end, their stage ferocity engulfs the audience, bringing them to fever pitch like they're perpetually toeing the line between dancing and fighting. It's that ferocity Phil A and Hassan's latest venture, their debut album Rap Songs, is trying to divulge. And what's more, they're doing it right.”

"Phil A and Hassan took the stage around 1 a.m., spitting raw lyrics backed by Phil's beats to the finally hyped crowd."

“Rap Songs' manifesto is backed by head-bobbing funk beats, pulling from three decades of influences and bringing back methods that have been disappearing as music technology makes producing easier.”

"...the 100+ crowd. The cheers for an introductory “Dust in the Wind” sample were only trumped by Phil Agudelo jumping on stage and tearing into a solid 16 bars of his own."

"Philip Agudelo's more genius beats are derived from his personal influences "