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The Barry Brothers / Press

“Never underestimate the power of music and brotherhood. The Barry brothers are proof of this sentiment. The band, Barry, was founded in 2011 by three brothers, who, despite having other commitments – like families, jobs and school – gathered in their self-made studio in Western, New York, and cut a fresh folk-rock album that oozes with such a cornucopia of sounds that I’m not sure how to label the music. The best I can do is alternative-inspired folk churned with harmony and a pleasant hint of country. I believe this description is suitable, but this is music you just want to lose yourself in. You can make your own judgment after experiencing their debut EP Yawnin’ in the Dawnin’ which was released on May 19. You can take a listen to some tracks below. This natural, old-time folk needs to bake in a town where the cacophony of screaming taxis and rumbling subways is not pervasive, and where when night falls true dark blankets the town.”

"...Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages… there is hope for the future of American rock music. Barry is the genuine article. Their sheer love for playing and crafting songs is displayed in every track; hearts and souls shining in every line they sing, every chord they play. Their greatest gift, though, is in the way their music sweeps you up, heart and mind, and immerses you in who they are. Listening to tracks like “Drink One More”, “Three Years in Carolina”, and “Great Unknown” are sure to stir memories in anyone bearing any depth of character. Every song here has a story behind it, genuine as the dawn of a new day. This is a band with a definite future, one absolutely worth keeping a very close ear and eye on."

“Here’s a song for the nomad in all of us, courtesy of Hume, New York’s Barry. The band recently released its debut album, Yawnin’ in the Dawnin’, which I may still review down the road. But this video shows firsthand a folk-rock band worthy of further exploration; “Carnival(e)” is one of those tracks which will stick in your head far longer than you spent listening to it. And the music’s being made in the true DIY aesthetic, by a band led by Ben Barry, who also happens to handle press for the band’s record label, 100% Records. They’re building a name for themselves the right way, by getting out there and touring the music, letting fans decide what rocks. And trust me, readers, this band’s got music which rocks. You may know next to nothing about them when you first listen, but by God you’ll want to call yourself a fan by the time you’re done!”

“As for their genre, "Folk Rock n' Roll" as state on their facebook. The demo began with a fun childhood memory, a morning wake up song that their father sang to them as children. It continues on with a track towards the middle called "Drink One More" that features each brother's voice and story, which you'll have to take a listen to know what I'm talking about. I don't want to say much more and spoil the fun of your first listen. The long haired brothers with their smooth voices and creative tunes were a refreshing new find to my music collection. I highly encourage a gander at these guys. And if you are from NYC or plan to travel there... they play at Kenny's Castaways July 21st, so check it out and send them some love.”

“cool new band alert!! check out this track from new indie folk band Barry. the band is three brothers whose last name is Barry, hence the name of the band. this is my kinda song. you gotta listen to the lyrics, but each verse is a mini bio of each brother.”