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Barrio Tiger / Press

“While a lot of garage punk bands are happy with minimal chords played loud and fast (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the members of Barrio Tiger show they can shred on their instruments. “Bullet” is a great example of that. Sure this is a garage punk band, but the guitar in this song is closer to Supersuckers than Ramones. This is real simple. If you like your rock n roll loud, fast, and dirty, Barrio Tiger is a good band to get to know.”

“Los Angeles’s underground has seen an uptick in recent years of punk bands with a deep rock streak running through ‘em, and vice-versa, some of it good ‘n’ some that make you wanna step outside to chat with friends old and new until whoever’s onstage stops whatever it is they’re doin’. Barrio Tiger is definitely a high point, a band that puts well more than the requisite amount of energy and oomph into their live shows and, based on the six songs here, their studio work. They’re definitely vibing on the usual New York via Detroit influences, but what could easily fall into the same ol’ same ol’ rut gets a solid kick in the ass courtesy of some rock solid songwriting, diversity, and drawing from influences outside the bubble—just when you think you’ve got ‘em pegged, up jumps a poppy punk tune (albeit with roaring dual/duel guitars) and a slower jam flecked with country. Some mighty fine work here from one of the better local bands making the rounds. –Jimmy A”

“Barrio Tiger crank out a tough, no-nonsense brand of hard-rocking punk”

Falling James - LA Weekly

“Incendiary live shows and a garage rock sound that's as fierce as their name implies”

“The L.A. punk band adheres to the brash, short and dirty side of the genre, and is known for its particularly incendiary live sets. At the Redwood, expect the spittle and booze to fly when songs from its new EP "Laugh Now, Cry Later" get their due”

“The boys in Barrio Tiger harken back to a harder, sharper brand of Rock and Roll you only read about in history books”

Downtown L.A. News

“This nonstop rock n' roll machine...never ceases to deliver”

“anthemic choruses and a driving sound that alternates between a tuneful Ramones drone and AC/DC's stop-and-start thunder.”

““Blazing,” “blistering” and “bombastic” are adjectives that characterize the uncompromising artistry of garage punkers Barrio Tiger.”

“ Video for featured artist of the month on Rebel Music TV! ”

“These boys deliver the goods with authority whether they’re on stage or just blasting thru your speakers!”

"They blew my doors off."

Michael London - Baby Jeepers fanzine

“garage punk done right”

“Get off your asses and go get your faces rocked off by this powerhouse high level threat to your senses.”

"Ferocious AND fun...Tiger got bite!"

"Brash and brazen, believable, real rock and roll"

“No gimmicks, no uniforms, and loud as F**K!”

"An all out rock extravaganza, with scorching dual guitar sorcery and straight ahead churn"

“It's so hard these days to find a good rock band that isn't embarrassingly stupid. Barrio Tiger comes closer than most, with anthemic choruses and a driving sound that alternates between a tuneful Ramones drone and AC/DC's stop-and-start thunder. Lead guitarist Jimmy James (the Hangmen, the Comatones), a veteran scenester who also books shows at the Down & Out, powers Calixto Hernandez's lamentations with succinctly fiery solos without devolving into wankery. At times, Hernandez rises above his well-worn imagery about guns and bullets and shows hints of a more complicated Paul Westerberg perspective. Then again, in the hard rocker "Fading," he tells his poor girlfriend, "I'm just here to make you feel all right," before shouting "Your good looks are fading" about 20 times.”

“Barrio Tiger's high energy set certainly provides the rhythm to jump and mosh around with reckless abandon all over the dance floor. With dark guitar riffs and a passionate vocalist, it's no wonder they've been called "Garage Punk done right!"”