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Barely Blind / Press

"Their most recent release “Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns” truly shows how far this band has come. With an ever changing musical landscape, Barely Blind has changed for the better. This album feels as though they have arrived where they were always meant to be. The raw emotion portrayed in this album easily make it their best release to date."

“Their lyrics are straightforward, their songs lively and their sound irresistible. That’s what happens when you take hardworking musicians, surround them with their friends and let them do their thing. And why not? It’s a rare, awesome thing to see a band so dedicated to promoting a dead-on, accessible style and Barely Blind thrives by keeping you eye-level, right by their side as they spit their charmingly melodic flavor of rock.”

“This is a band that have made their own way since the beginning from their first EP’s, 2007’s ‘The Way we Operate’ and 2009’s ‘My Life with a Giant’. Along with these two EP’S they also did a huge amount of DIY touring which lead them toward where they are today. Barely Blind have a very dedicated fan base which should continue to grow if they keep creating great EP’S and albums like they have.”

“Seering with unrelenting pop rock anthems right from the start with “Silver Lake” and “Inner Child” the album explodes with raw emotion and words of independence. There’s a clear amount of passion and excitement bottled up into the 10-track release. For lack of better wording the album is a banger and by far one of my favorite albums leaning in the pop spectrum this year.”