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Barbara Hills / Press

“Your compositions are brilliant and picturesque and take the listener on an unexpected journey to beautiful places. What a great way to travel.”

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“'..one of those little gems that pop up now 'n then..out of ten, her production techniques are easily eleven.'”

George Kempson, publisher, producer and musician. - .

“Barbara Hills has given us new compositions and performances here that indicate that she is not limited to what her classical training and virtuosity might have done to a less talented person. She has demonstrated great skill and imagination, and, has given us a glimpse of the inner being. One who is a kindred spirit with where she is on our lovely but fragile planet; that she is intimately part of her environment: her love of nature and the natural beauty of her milieu is clearly revealed in her work. I could stop there, however, the compositions in Moon On the Moat are something more than musical poetry: The album shows that Barbara Hills is still learning, still experimenting with musical composition and production, and most important to me, vividly letting all of us know that "Classical Music" is still evolving and giving us fresh and new music to enjoy. Do not hesitate to purchase the collection and start your music journey filled with superb imagery. ”

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“Your sound pictures send one exactly where we ought to go..... a beautiful, loving, warm and spiritual place of peace and harmony...... this is Heavenly music, pure and honest. Wow, I am so loving your music!!!!!”

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“..this was classical music as I have not heard it before. The composition was excellent and the execution magnificent . . Barbara has thoroughly mastered composition and has displayed virtuosity in the performance and fashioned the pieces so they can appeal to modern people. Modern humans seem to have a short attention span being data saturated and overwhelmed by the din and clatter of the age of information. Yet, we as living entities still have heart and soul; our inner being needs to be nourished and so the timelessness of beautiful music is more than welcome . . it may be necessary to maintain our sanity. Barbara ranks with Johann Pachelbel, Claude Debussy, Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni, Erik Satie . . . et al. who have given us places to rest and contemplate. No, not endless meandering as New Age often does..just procure Barbara Hills' masterpiece and allow the poetic beauty to permeate and restore you to a better plain of existence. ”

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