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“A good album which any metal fan would enjoy.”

“BABYLON FIRE created an album with powerful & heavy songs establishing a notable posture with great melodies. The guys seem to have their own style, I don't believe that many created such a style of music.”

“There are classic rock riffs, pounding metal drum sequences, and great rock vocals from Mark D, but the overall result is a modern metal take on the classic British Heavy Metal sound.”

“This is definitely an album worth checking out for the metal heads out there who love the classic double hitting and melodic vocals of old school with a more modern edge.”

“The live performance now was better than listening to the cd. The crowd were well and truly up for this gig, and they showed just how much by all the jumping around, head banging and fist-pumping throughout this opening and, indeed, throughout the entire set!”

“Dark Horizons being a powder keg of radioactive riffs, bruising bass, detonating drums and volatile vocals. A quick blast of the likes of "Demonocracy" reveals a diet of Pantera and Machine Head, but dig a little deeper and the likes of Ozzy, Priest and even the less obvious touch of Therapy? appear.Babylon Fire may have created Dark Horizons, but I can see only light at the end of their tunnel!”

“The explosive, heavy grooves of bands like Black Sabbath lay solid at the core while influences from more technical acts glitter the shell casing. As such 'Dark Horizons' is the sound of blossoming New Metal for a fresh generation and comes highly recommended. A truly killer metal album from start to finish that I'm proud to be pointing you in the direction of. So take the hint and follow the link:”

“This isn’t just an album you should get out and check out, this is an album you should tell all your friends about, buy people for Christmas, and use it to remind yourself what proper music sounds like.”

“Alas! The end was nigh as they played their final song of the evening. ‘Rise Through Babylon’ was a fitting conclusion to the set and every man and his dog were rocking the venue to its foundations, not a single body who was standing was still, all were swaying and moving to the monster grooves that Babylon Fire were hurling at them indiscriminately.”

“Babylon Fire took to the stage with the whole crowd surging forward for a piece of the action. Frontman Mark Dunford had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand as the guys erupted into a storming set. Held together with some solid drumming from Mark Cooper, guitarist Rishi Mehta and bassist Ryk Swillo flanked the triumphant frontman who was clearly in his element to be playing to such a great crowd.”

“This is an incredible debut from the new boys, it’s catchy, powerful and has something for everyone in there. No doubt, this is a labour of love from the foursome, to truly showcase what they can do and how well they can do it. Its full of electrifying riffs, floor shaking drum beats and double bass pedalling, wall cracking bass lines and thought provoking lyrics produced in such an emotional fashion it really hits home.”

“As the first note sounds with all the rage and aggression that they have and this without losing sight of melody.The riffs are wonderfully bold and powerful, Machine Head is clearly of great influence. Each second is balanced to ... Not a weak moment to be found on this debut of Babylon Fire! Exceptionally strong, I must say.”

“BABYLON FIRE seem as though they were raised 80’s metal and fed on steel. Combine the two and a real modern heavy metal band is formulated.”

“Babylon Fire are about to release their jaw dropping debut album, Dark Horizons. An album made up of skull crushingly heavy guitar riffs, a varied mix of both clean and harsh vocals and chant along choruses - Dark Horizons is one of the best debut albums to come from a north west based metal band, containing some of the finest rock anthems of the year thus far.”

"It's hard to believe that this album is the band's debut, it really does sound so accomplished.. a really strong debut album from a very promising British band.. Proof that the British Rock and Metal scene is truly alive!

““Aggressive and fast paced, Babylon Fire come at you with a heavy sound that is very hard to ignore. Catchy and fluent sounding, everything that Babylon Fire produce flows superbly… An album with a few tricks up it’s sleeve and as a result is well worth a listen, especially if your in the mood for an album you can sing along with, go crazy to and raise your fist high for!””

“A band from the Greater Manchester area. Babylon Fire are a band who we first caught live earlier this year at the legendary S.O.S. Festival in Radcliffe, Manchester. A festival at which Fury UK were also playing. The band showed their metal credentials well and truly tonight as Mark D and the rest of the guys powered through a set that took no prisoners. Opening up their account with ‘Freight Train’ and then ‘New Day’, it was clear that the band had come to kick some serious ass tonight. The full on metal just kept coming with great songs like ‘The Day The Angels Died’ and ‘Strength’ beating the crowd into submission. Even the bands hard edged cover of Iron Maidens 'Phantom Of The Opera' went down a storm with all the metal heads in tonight. Like an out of control roller-coaster the band rocked the place loud and proud before rounding off a great set of pure no-nonsense metal with ‘Clarion and the show stopping closer ‘Rise Through Babylon’.”

Mayfair Mall Zine

“Neither utterly mired in the fire and brimstone (not to mention the leather trousers) of the eighties metal scene nor quoting exclusively from the page of At The Gates, upcoming five piece metal mob Babylon Fire inject their melodic, trad metal foundations with an overdose of Pantera-esque power groove and a few choice breakdowns, creating something rather tasty for observant UK metal fans to keep their peepers on. Each of the four tracks on debut EP ‘The Day the Angels Died,’ is guaranteed to get some heads nodding and manes flying; as you’d expect from a band still taking their first steps into the music world there’s plenty of room for future refinement, but we’ll put that aside for now... every track on here is up on the band’s MySpace page, so it’s definitely worth your while to take a look.”

“A band that have been a permanent fixture at SOS are Greater Manchester’s Babylon Fire. The band have been on the bill since the very first event and have seen themselves rise both on the bill and in popularity, and so today they deserved their third top billing. The band showed their metal from the off after the Omen intro it was down to business big style with ‘Freight Train’, a stunning slice of pure bred metal with frontman Mark D leading the pack. This metal express carried on with some monster tracks like ‘The Day The Angels Died’, the excellent ‘Strength’ and the closer ‘Rise From Babylon’. The band have certainly made their mark since their inception in 2007 and no doubt they have a bright future just on the evidence of today.”