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“Elitenment is making his push to a more mainstream crowd these days, but he still hasn’t forgotten what true hip-hop is.”

“Kncoekd my socks off with knowledge!”

“Elitenment (pronounced like Enlightenment without the first N) recently dropped an album (after a long list of singles being released) titled “Ego Trippin'” on iTunes back in October which has received a good deal of traffic so far.”

““Welcome to a dream, living in Chicago.” In the video, Austin Davis, a/k/a Elitenment and Elite, serves up an extended, upbeat, unqualified love song to the city where he was born and raised.”

“im listening to your shit for the first time its amazing, im honestly impressed”


“I Heard your "Gimmie Your Love". production and the rhyming was pretty tight! Keep it up man, I'd love to hear your name blowing up!”

Kevin Padden - Facebook Fan

“Hey you! I just listened to your music and I am absolutely mind blown. Your lyrics have a presence and it was listening to GOOD music....”

Ashi - Facebook Fan

“I was just listening 2 some of you songs again. You got talent bro.”

Louie Jr. - Facebook Fan

“im not too into rap, but i was so surprised to hear that shit from you, fuck art man you need to go big with that!”

Mike Brando - BRANDOARTS.com

"You're the first local Artist I could honestly compare to Andre 3000"

"Rap for Ya Entity" touches your emotions. Call it INSPIRATIONAL.

-American Academy of Art-