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““A guitar strums and a man whistles a tune...then a male vocalist sings...a story..."Looking up at the light at your cold dark face...from my grave .. buried ten feet deep in this pile of shame..I'm to blame.. '' so I beg for more.. so I beg for more.." The vocalist has a great vocals! I love this track! It is so grim..I love the beats.. the melody .. the harmonies .. it was enchanting...and spellbinding...””

Anonymous - Review from Reverbnation

““The tones in this song are nice. Right from the vocals to the band. The band is supporting the singer well, using just the right amount of dynamics and not play over him. Beat is good. The rhythm and lyrics are well done. I think the lyrics are thought provoking and keeps me interested. The melody and harmony well done as well. This is a pretty good song and will appeal to a large crowd.””

anonymous - Reviews from Reverbnation

“Audio Nation is a rock/grunge/blues band whose music has power, intelligence, and artistry. Their songs have an organic flow, pretty amazing considering that their current band members have played together for less than a year. My favorite songs follow the grunge/rock tradition of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Since I'm a cup-is-half-full kinda gal, "Summer Song" and "Little Boy" (which are as understated and beautiful as Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" or "You're True") capture my heart. The depths they reach in "My Grave," on the other hand, reflect an intimate knowledge of guilt and hopelessness. Audio Nation is working on its first single now, so be on the lookout for it! Audio Nation”