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Audio Disease (East of Eden) / Press

“East Of Eden, I am very pleased to say that the music is simply great, with most new rock bands opting for a screaming screamo match with all and sundry, these guys write their own brand of catchy, radio friendly tunes that are instantly familiar and delivered with a smiling swagger. All seven songs are self penned and the first release “Breakaway” has benefitted from a very media friendly video released into the youtube-iverse collecting them quite a few followers as a result. All songs follow the solid guitar riff heavy format that I so love from the 80’s brought up to date for a new generation to appreciate. Any of the seven tracks could be the single that really breaks this lot.”

“Featuring noisy guitar riffs, the odd solo here and there and some incredibly powerful vocals that are right at the forefront of their music, East Of Eden show off every strength they have to offer music, showcasing a brilliant amount of talent in the process. Their debut EP effort offers up an incredible alternative rock sound. It seems East of Eden have a brilliant amount to offer, whose instrumental style works seamlessly with their vocal talents, presenting their music in an incredibly strong light. On ‘Contagion’, East Of Eden delve deep into their own capable talents, showing off everything in terms of music. Strong guitar riffs accompany equally strong vocals, all wrapped up in a strong alternative-rock style that is slightly heavy at times, but never overbearing. ‘Contagion’ is a brilliant precursor in terms of what more is to hopefully come from East Of Eden, who are definitely a more than capable band when it comes to writing great music.”

“East of Eden, a four piece indie band had a lead singer backed by two other vocalists and a beltin’ set of songs. They looked like a band that meant business”

Music in Leicester

““Great start to the show tonight that was the 4 piece rock band from the West Mildands they’ re called Audio Disease and that track was called breakaway. Musically really tight I think you’ll agree and their live shows getting quiet a buzz in the local music press at the moment, they say “ They look good, they’re young, they sound fantastic and they may very well be the next Guns n Roses””

“Making full use of the two guitars Audio Disease send out soaring riffs of fretwork which sits within the context of classic rock. Referencing influences from across the generations the quintet are able to offer their rapidly growing fan-base with a smart mixture of sounds that provide well considered hooks and also are able to play a more considered and thoughtful melodies. Relatively newly out of the blocks, if their start is anything to go by, Audio Disease are set fair for a great career as a band as they demonstrate both able song-writing skills and the ability to get the most out of the tracks musically.”

“AUDIO Disease are a young band from Dudley who have already an established name on the Black Country scene. Their debut EP, Contagion, was released earlier this year and the band has been busy gigging to show they can deliver the goods live as well.”

"I would say that this is one of those bands that should be on your radar."

"I love the heaviness of it, its got a great groove and a good chorus that is very memorable, I found myself singing it long after I'd played it " Review of Cant believe in love

Loz Guest - Kerrang Radio

“More amazing Rock 'N' Roll from the band set to slay the world.”

Adam Z - Steel 93 Radio

“Contagion is the brand new EP from New Kids On The Black Country Block, Audio Disease. Released through Cream Records a nicely packaged, commercially biased showcase for the band’s talents. All seven tracks have similar pace and structure (think Mallory Knox) but there is a distinct undercurrent that suggests that Audio Disease live will be a different animal to that here on the EP, watch closely, people.”

“Audio disease, not only did they bring enough fans to drink a viking raiding party dry they also performed to a professional level that even some of the big boys can aspire to.”

Ross - Rock Zombie

“My advice to anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, get out there and go see them in a local venue where you will pay a few quid on a Saturday night, before you are being charged forty quid a ticket in one of the big arenas, where you will most likely only be able to see them on a big screen. Get out and see them up close and personal in a local venue now before it is too late. ”

“The room fills with the blaring sound of sirens and the 5 rockers of Audio Disease take to the stage. The band kick off with ‘Worse Things Have Happened’ and to be honest, worse things have happened, much worse things. The track delivers a tidy rock sound, and a nice vocal from the lead singer. His melodic tone is one we’d liken to an early Adam Levine. Think ‘Harder to Breathe’ from ‘Songs About Jane’, and you’re getting close to what we’re hearing. ‘Breakaway’ is another good track from the lads from Dudley, demonstrating some good harmonies, and a very nice guitar solo. We’re starting to get an idea of their influences.The next ‘Save Me’, has an incredible melody to the vocal and the crowd are loving it, musically these guys are very adept. A good set for a band ready to take the Midlands music scene by storm. If these guys can keep going they are primed to do very well, with their crosover sound that is just as at home on commercial radio, as it would be”

“Audio Disease are young, tight and have all the ingredients to make them VERY successful. With a slick set, and the sort of songs that managed to get us dancing on a freezing snowy Monday night, clearly these young guns from the Midlands are moving on up. We expect to be hearing rather more of them before long....”

Lorraine Solomon - Success Express Music

“Making a noise is something that Audio Disease have been doing to great effect in Dudley. The band, Tom Harris on vocals, Daniel Bremner on Guitar, Rhythm guitarist Josh Warby , Luke Bradley on bass and Scott Davis on drums, have been making waves with their straight ahead rock sound. Modelled on their heroes Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi, they sound like, erm, Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi, which is no bad thing. Their EP is out in May via the Cream Recording Corp, and Can’t believe in love is the lead single. My Mother would hate it. ”