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Aubrie Nicole / Press

"Independent artists don't have 'platinum albums' unless they change from indie, indie has: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE by sales"..more info: Aubrie Nicole was at bronze after dropping her debut, 'How I Feel' album w/in a few weeks

Derek Sivers

“'Take this kiss' & 'How I Feel' are being pitched to Frankie Pine, ABC's Television Show, 'Nashville'”

Charlie Ray - International talent group/ Millennium Records/Charlie Ray

“Thank you to Aubrie Nicole for giving the chance and honor to play my song in her first ChikyD Radio broadcast.. I'm very grateful peace,love,empathy”

Brandie G.

“Thank you Aubrie for this lovely tribute to Adrienne. She was my best friend for many years. You even put a still from my movie, "Tiger: His Fall & Rise," in there (the silly one with Adrienne in bed with the frog).”

“I'd really like to take your music & make even more happen with it!”

Charlie Ray, Jessica Culpepper,BMI - International Music Grorup

" People have viewed your(Aubrie Nicole music ad's) at these top sites: MTV,Pandora,Rolling Stone & over 200 more!"


“-Aubrie Nicole: Aubrie Nicole, as wellas a great artist, she is a Scarlett Johansson/Tina Louise look-alike. Aubrie has the exact high cheek bones and the same exact beauty mark, even in the same place as Scarlett Johansson! Tina Louise was “Ginger” on “Gilligans Island” and Aubrie’s hair, eyes and other facial features, makes her a lovely Tina Louise look-alike! Aubrie Nicole is not only a look-alike but a singer and former model. She’s spent many years in the entertainment industry. She is a starlet that I believe has many similarities with her talent, as Joy Lansing did!”

“With beautiful lyrics, it's no surprise that Aubrie gets her inspiration from the one and only, Mariah Carey.”

“Aubrie Nicole was asked by three different reps about three different songs from the same licensing co.to sign w/them.”

A&R Select

“Keep inspiring people with your beautiful music”

“With beautiful lyrics, it is no surprise that Aubrie Nicole’s inspiration comes from the one and only Mariah Carey. As she continues to grow, she has picked up R&B and Hip-Hop like styles that can be heard in her single, “What’s My Name” and in many of her upcoming projects as well. She wants her fans to know, “I don’t ever plan on stopping…I am in this for the long run and I want to continue to grow.””

“Aubrie Nicole makes WDEP Radio's Top 100”

Deron Pitts - WDEP- Radio at it's finest

" Want to share, she's good"

“I really like your song for Adrienne, I still can't believe how many people she touched to this day!”

“Aubrie you're turning into an even better songwriter”

“Aubrie Nicole brings a unique ability to subtley fuse genres,without overtly changing the direction of the song. She artfully shifts the impact of certain phrases and harmonies, but the song remains beautifully coherent. Wonderful performance lyrically,musically and absolutely stellar vocals.”

“Aubrie Nicole's trailer, including her music theme for a mini trailer for 'The Fields' film, being promoted by the movie team(see more on official FB pg.)”

“Music is art, a piece of my heart, I do it for love, not for money!!”

Aubrie Nicole

“Q:What makes you stand out from the other artists in your chosen genre? A:I mix it up, lol..I don’t just do one style of pop, I do many crossovers, for ex. I’ll be doing a pop song & I’ll mix funk or jazz like sounds in it or, if you listen to 1 of my cd’s you’ll be able to tell, I don’t use just 1 style all the way through the album.”

"How I Feel" wasn't a platinum album or even gold but bronze(for an indie to get bronze on their debut is rare) but shot Aubrie to 'Starlet Status'( a pro in the ent. industry, on the way to stardom!)

The Public

“If you like Mariah Carey, Rihanna, novelty and originality, you will love Aubrie Nicole”

Michel, 99.6 Longwyfm

"Jenni's song" (Runner-up 2008) at..


“Aubrie Nicole is fluent in such music styles as.. acapella, acoustic, piano, pop,r&b,hip hop & dance" "Aubrie has a wide range audience".."She brings her audience exactly what they want-Perfection”

aubrienicole.com, Jaime w/ Columbia Records, A&Rselect

“I just came across your profile on Reverbnation and I am really impressed with your music.”

CTD Entertainment

“My influences include Belinda Carlise, Stevie Nicks,The Judds,my cousin Crystal Gayle, Shania Twain & Mariah Carey. Mariah became 1 of my biggest. I remember when she hit'super stardom', I wanted that badly,so, when I hit 'starlet status' I cried tears of joy!!”

Aubrie Nicole

“You have a great face and full lips, you remind me of Kate Hudson. You definitely have a FAMOUS FACE!”

Shannon, modeling agent at JRP,Agent from Vogue Model & Talent Contest,NYC

“At an early age Aubrie Nicole started singing in her church choir, as a soprano. She then auditioned and made it into the 'Louisville Youth Choir'a huge achievement!”

former music teachers

“Aubrie Nicole's music is not only on music sites/stores in the us. but also in UK,Japan,Canada,Austrailia etc.”

Joe Conte(music rep.)A&RSelect

“Really awesome music!”

Caroline, Ubetoo music label

“Yes, Aubrie Nicole got her first time on air radio play in Europe but has also had international air play in Canada, New Zealand etc." "She has probably had more radio play outside her country than in it" "She is also all over the web when it comes to radios, not to mention stores!”

notes/quotes/info etc. from internet sites on Aubrie Nicole

“Aubrie Nicole is a solo female artist but actually got her start in modeling at such places as Cosmo and Vogue”

The Fields Movie Team(Network Profile)

" Unique music but that's what makes it beautiful"

Marie at Indie 103.1

" Very strong voice"

- Vocal judge with American Idol

"Great dance beats and soft/tender ballads, a very versatile artist."


" Tearing up the charts"

Paul, founder of the Avenuehifi Network

"I feel that writing, performing & producing my own music is my full potential as an artist , not having a perfect voice"

-Aubrie Nicole

“Aubrie Nicole and Johanna from the album, Generate, should do a song together, they're styles could make them the next best duet next to Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston”


“Is Aubrie Nicole the next indie artist of the year?”

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