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A Silent Film / Press

“On paper, an album like A Silent Film's The City That Sleeps shouldn't work. First off, they're a "piano rock" band, as if we really need another one of those. When trying to dream up something to compare it to, the first thing that comes to mind is Snow Patrol's snoozefest A Hundred Million Suns. Oh, yeah, and they have songs like their single "You Will Leave a Mark", whose uplifting "you can be anything you aspire to be" message would typically send the needle on the ol' Schmaltz-o-Meter spinning over to "American Idol Single." And yet, there's something authentic about City that makes it a surefire winner in a genre that churns out records that are just flat-out easy to ignore.”

“I was pulling over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan at 60 mph with the fresh spring air rushing in the open windows and the music blaring the first time I heard A Silent Film. The DJ on the XM radio yelled over the white noise, “This is the break out single from a new UK group called “A Silent Film” you’ve gotta check out! The track’s called “You Will Leave A Mark” and let me tell you, it will.” ”