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Art of the Flesh / Press

“They play a brand of technical/progressive/melodic death metal. In ways this reminds me of Atheist in the technical aspect of them. Great riffs and solos throughout and the band is still unsigned! Someone get them a label! Enjoy...”

“Lily Lake sounds like it could be the setting for a mid-'80s slasher flick -- an idyllic campground where nubile teens become fodder for some hatchet-wielding psycho in a hockey mask. In reality, the small town -- located just east of DeKalb -- is the birthplace of something nearly as ominous (though far less deadly): metal quintet Art of the Flesh. The songs streaming on the group's MySpace page (myspace.com/artoftheflesh) are uranium-heavy, ranging from the double-guitar assault of "Line of Fire" to the sludgy "My Truth." And while front man Dan Schultz's vocals are typical of most metal (guttural shrieks and belches), the soaring six-string solos never fail to deliver. (The Vocals mentioned were actually of a former singer)”

Andy Downing - Chicago Tribune

"Looking for your "Death Metal" fix? Art of the Flesh combines the strengths of unbelievable heavy metal guitar solos [ex: ~4min into video below], key vocals, and original songs. Fans of bands like Between the Buried and Me or Metallica will most likely enjoy Art of the Flesh."