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Bing Bing / Bio

January 19th, 1990, a star was born. Not just any ol' star, either. Michael Bernard Taylor aka Bing Bing was no superstar. He likes to believe he is in fact a Starseed. Having being separated from his
biological relatives short after birth, the youngsta' went through the
foster care system and the juvenile judicial system.

At a young age, Michael knew in his heart that no matter how life turns
out for him, he just has to be okay. In his pre-teen years and
throughout his adolescenthood, he would pray that in the end he just
wants to be successful. Little did he know, he was asking for spiritual
growth & progression as oppose to the fruits of the earth.

Michael was born in Lynwood, Ca and has been raised in areas all
throughout L.A. county. From the time he was taken away by the system
up until he turned eight years old, he grew up in the Antelope Valley
in cities like Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Palmdale, & Little Rock.
Michael spent around a year+ in the State of Oregon where his first
foster mother Bernice Taylor (last names are coincidental) would visit
her son.

Michael came back to California on March 1, 1999 and lived in the City
of Gardena, Ca where he would go to 135th Elementary School for a
portion of 3rd & 4th grade. Then he would move to the city of Los
Angeles where he would go to West Athens Elementary, Henry Clay Middle
School & Foshay Learning Center. Then Michael would be moved around
to cities like Long Beach, Ca where he would attend Lindbergh Middle

in Fall of 2002, Michael moved to a foster home in Pasadena, Ca. Eric
Shepherd, who met Michael at one of the group homes he worked at,
brought him to Pasadena on Wilson ave with the intentions to give him a
better life. He was enrolled at Eliot Middle School in Altadena, Ca
where he would attend 7th & 8th grade. Michael went on to Pasadena
High School where he would be expelled after the 1st semester of 9th
grade in 2004. He went to Rose City Continuation for a little bit where
he would be introduced to tobacco and weed. He had too much time on his
times afterschool as sessions were 8-11am.

On April 30th, 2006, Michael was arrested for 1st degree burglary. At
the age of 16 he plead guilty and took 6 months in Camp Francis Scobee
in Challenger Memorial Youth Center in Lancaster, Ca. which would turn
into a 2-year total. After his camp sentence, his only option was to go
back to suitable placements. In 2007, Michael was placed in Leroy
Haynes Center in La Verne, Ca where he would spend 9 months of his
time. This was where he was at the time he recorded his first song ever
"So Windy" and when he settled with the name "Bing Bing"

Bing Bing yearned to rep his block and where he is from. So prior to his
release at the age of 18, he created ThaWilsonBlock as his company and record label which means he can rep where he's from legitimately.

The big homies weren't down with Wilson Block because their gang has been there years longer. And what pulled Michael and them apart the most was animosity within everybody in tha hood. This was a time when Bing Bing was still comin' up. Mistakes and wrong decisions were being made. But he's come farther than you'll ever know...

After Michael was released from the system as a whole on April 17th, 2008 when he was 18. And thus, a birth of a lengend. The day Michael was released he was met by his foster dad who was there to pick him up. When they arrived at the house on Wilson ave, Bing Bing began structuring his plans he made while incarcerated as a juvenile. When he was in Camp Scobee, the on-ground schools had apple computers where Bing Bing would soon become familiar with operating GarageBand on top of the skills he had with computers already.

When Bing Bing was in placement he would occasionally go on home passes to his foster dad's house on the weekends. While bing bing was locked up, his foster dad accumulated some nice apple desktop computers. Bing Bing began fiddling with it. Then it hit him...

He created ThaWilsonBlock as his official independent underground record label and recorded his first mixtape Tha West Kept Secret vol.1. Bing Bing would soon collab with local native artist Blak Axx and they would create Dena East!, the official featured group of ThaWilsonBlock.

ThaWilsonBlock has been producing underground since 2008. As more and more tracks that Bing Bing was doing, he was able to put out projects consistently at two every year.Not only was he producing and promoting himself, he was grindin'. Sellin' his mixtapes in the North Lake Square in Pasadena, Ca by hand. At times he had his street squad and like 200 cd's to work with. They would cover the whole parking lot and come back with the proceeds. It was like clockwork.

In the Fall '09, Bing Bing dropped his follow-up mixtape Tha West Kept Secret V.3(ep) which just like TWKSv.1 had 17 cuts. When Bing Bing was guerilla campaigning for his second tape is when he broke his name in. People around the city would hear about Bing Bing and see him at the local colleges and know it is him when they see him. Some give props, some dont acknowledge. But it's all good.

On April 17th 2010, Bing Bing released Tha Bullspit v.1 under ThaWilsonBlock. Only a handful of people got a copy online. More cd's have been printed up and put in moms & pops stores. Every project that Bing Bing released was pushed in the streets and has sold over 100 cd's by hand.

At the age of 20, Michael has grown and learned much and is still
moving on his spiritual path. As he disconnects and abandons all human understanding, he walks with his heart. He's very aware of the specific wickedness of the music industry. He is also aware of who he is. And you couldn't convince the young man that all of his success &
progression wasn't made possible by the one & only true &
living God. You also couldn't persuade him that he was put here on Earth to amuse & entertain people as his only mission. It's deeper than that.

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