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Das Königshaus / Bio

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Der König ist tot, es lebe DAS KÖNIGSHAUS! Welches gekrönte Haupt auch immer gerade das Zeitliche gesegnet haben möge, ist dabei eigentlich völlig egal. Hauptsache ist: DAS KÖNIGSHAUS ist da! Und es ist gekommen, um zu bleiben.

DAS KÖNIGSHAUS, das ist alter rheinischer Rock-Adel aus Düsseldorf für alle, die einen Mordshunger auf energiegeladene, deutschsprachige Rockmusik haben. Launige Texte, eingängige Melodien und packende Arrangements für zwei Gitarren, Keyboards, Bass, Schlagzeug und ausgefeilten Chorgesang machen die Band zu einem echten Erlebnis – live und online.

Wenn Harry Hempel, Potter, A St. Keys, Kappi und Mickie Ladermann loslegen, ist alles möglich: jede Menge witzige Geschichten mitten aus dem Leben und ernsthafte Reflexionen über Gott und die Welt, knallharter Rock mit Punk-Attitüde und harmonieseliger Songwriter-Pop. DAS KÖNIGSHAUS steht für die absolute Monarchie des Rock’n’Roll in all seinen Facetten. Sixties meets Contemporary Retro Style. Schartige Gitarrenriffs treffen auf sensible austarierte Chorpassagen. „The Queen is dead“ hieß es einst bei The Smiths aus Manchester. Aus Düsseldorf schallt es heute: Lang lebe DAS KÖNIGSHAUS!

Dear friends,
The reactions on our myspace presentation has been overwhelming. Especially the great number of mails and comments from all over the world made us very happy. A lot of people wrote that they like the band, but they’re not able to understand what it’s all about, because their German isn’t good enough. I’m afraid our Japanese or Spanish is worse, so I chose English to tell you people who don’t understand German something about us. The following is an attempt to translate our German band info into English. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Thanks for reading, watching, listening and adding! Enjoy the music
- Potter

The king is dead, long live DAS KÖNIGSHAUS! And it doesn’t matter whosoever of the crowned heads currently departs from this life. All that matters is: DAS KÖNIGSHAUS, the king’s house, has come. And it came to stay.

DAS KÖNIGSHAUS – that is advanced rock’n’roll nobility from the Rhine area in good old Germany. These guys come from Düsseldorf, the capital of North-Rhine-Westfalia and they’ve prepared a fine meal for all of those who enjoy a big hunk of energetic, German speaking rock music. Witty lyrics, catchy melodies and thrilling arrangements for two guitars, keys, bass, drums and flawless vocal arrangements make this band a real experience – live on stage and online.

When it’s time for Harry Hempel, Potter, A St. Keys, kappi and Mickie Ladermann to rock the house everything is possible: loads of funny everyday life stories and serious reflections on God, the immortality of the soul and the temptations of the world, smashing rock with punk attitude and singer/songwriter pop with a fondness for jagged harmonies. DAS KÖNIGSHAUS stands for absolute monarchy where rock’n’roll in all its powerful sub stiles exercises ultimate governing authority. Sixties meets contemporary retro style. Rust-stained guitar riffs come together with sensitively crafted choir parts. „The Queen is dead“ used to be an album title by The Smiths from Manchester. Now from Düsseldorf there’s another shout: Long live DAS KÖNIGSHAUS!
Lotarius, you'll be a member of the band forever and ever. We will never forget you!
Member Since:
Oktober 22, 2009
Harry Hempel: Gesang, Gitarre.
Potter: Gitarre, Gesang, Keyboards.
Kappi: Bass, Gesang.
A. St Keys: Keyboards
Mickie Ladermann: Drums

General Info

Band Members
Potter- Guitar/Vocals, Harry Hempel- Vocals/Guitar, A St. Keys - Keys, kappi- Bass/Vocals, Mickie Ladermann - Drums
Artist Name
Das Königshaus
Home Page
Alternative / Alternative Rock / Pop Rock

Contact Info

Düsseldorf, DE