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seeside / Bio

Seeside reflects perfectly the way we make music, as well as our idea to offer an unusual prospective of something that basically is common and ordinary: Reality.A way of 'viewing from another perspective' which requires attention, observation/power of observation, ability to catch the nuances and the ensemble at the same time.

is an Post-Pop band formed in the summer 2007, originally as 99DaysBefore.
Art, Kekko and Cipo met at the age of 14, in summer 2002.

Arturo "Art" Luciani, Francesco "Kekko" Lodovici and Davide "Cipo" Cipollini met at the age of 14, in the summer of 2002. Kekko had been studying piano for seven years and approached the guitar out of curiosity, while Cipo turned to the guitar after two disappointing years studying piano. Art had only just started playing the drums.

The brand new band, with kekko as bass-guitar player, Cipo as guitar player and Art as the drummer starts performing live with covers and own songs under the name of Kemp.

In 2007 two new members joined the band, Cipo's schoolmates Nicola Baccioli and Filippo Gabbani ("Phil") (in place of Art). 99DaysBefore was born. To promote an experimental feel, Phil introduced a keyboard player to the band, Giovanni "Johnny" Coppedè.

Nicola Baccioli then left the band and Arturo returned, this time as a guitar player. Around this time, Kekko and Phil became interested in creating new kinds of musical textures and atmospheres, so they started to experiment. This was aided by them both being multi-instrumentalists.

After a 7 tracks self-produced demo they started performing as much as possible, this way gaining stage experience, and they took part in many national festivals. They met their producer Fausto Dasè during one of these festivals.

Seeside are currently recording their first album, which has been launched with the single "Psycho Afternoon".

Their musical style is both interesting and unique; the depth of their lyrics, the descriptive power of the music itself, and their tireless effort to use musical poetry to create vivid images and feelings.

Their single, "Psycho Afternoon", was broadcast on MTV New Generations in the "Just Discovered" section, and soon after on MSN Music and Sky.it.

The current Band members are:

Arturo Luciani(Art)- Guitar, Drums, Vocals

Davide Cipollini(Cipo) - Guitar, Vocals, Synths

Filippo Gabbani (Phil) - Drums, Piano, Vocals

Francesco Lodovici (Kekko) - Bass-guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Synth

Giovanni Coppedè (Johnny) - Synth, Piano, Vocals


Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/seesideband
Official website: www.seeside.net
Press: info@teamworld.it

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Alternative / rock / Post PoP

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london, UK

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