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Timothy J, Telfair / Bio

Music seemed to me, the BEST of the Higher Arts. My first instrument was the Radio. When I took it apart to see how that Music is in there.
I found wires and circuit boards and subsequently broke the Radio ((( 93 KHJ Los Angeles ))
Then my Mother gave me 1 Piano lesson as we had an upright but she did not want to put up with my pounding on the key's
I was blessed to have gotten Musical lesson's finally in 1974.
The guitar really found me because at the time, Everyone wanted to be a " Guitar God ",
I just wanted wanted to be able to play a song,.....
I wanted to play the " Trombone " just be different and because it fascinates me.

One of my All Time favorite Groups was the first 7 albums by " CHICAGO"
My Mother did not want a Trombone reeking havoc not only in the house,but the neighborhood as well, so she offered me guitar lessons at a "Dance /Music Studio " as my Mother Loved to " Ball Room Dance "
I was excited, Of course, Mom told me " Don't Be Ridiculous " I just kept getting bigger and louder Amp's.

At 12;01 on my 18th birthday,it was out the door....I went.

That started me on my way to pure Humility.
Though the basic 7 major and minor/maj7ths chords came quickly for me to physically grasp ((( except the chord "F" ))),
After that, it was hard work to sound good and it took me my entire Life to be a little happy with my sound. in fact, working on " Sound " has been my life's work.

" The Star9 Experience " was the Band that changed my Life.
Michel recently found my clip of him that I posted on YouTube of Michel and Muhammad Ali.
Quite frankly, Michel is a Genus of The Highest Frequency. We are close to "Online Rehearsing "
using simple technology or at LEAST...I can supply Michel with recording Software in order that we then can send track's back and forth.
This way we can rehearse the material and when the time arrives for us to "Do This Wonderful Experience "
I'm Hungry and Ready to take it to the Limit......I suspect there is no Limit !!

All My Life was created for this one moment in time and this time it's going to happen in a more tangebal way......
I was an early teenager when I started playing the guitar, and I started in August of 1974 ,
My Mom got me a small "Voit" 10-Watt Amplifier ((( Yea, Like "Voit Soccer Ball''s )))
And a " Sweet " Steel String with a Pick-up attached across the sound hole. Like a " Dean Markly " works today.
It had a Gold slim tapered Volume and Tone Knobb as it was a true " Acoustic Electric Guitar "
I can NOT remember what the name was, though it was Sweet.

My Instrumentals are posted here to give him and any prospective producers and over all dose of my technique and
Humility is a very important virtue in the Music business as from Humiliation came Humility for me. I pray I never start believing all the compliments and what knot because it's easy to fall into it when you are working hard and really want to make it. I simply have never given up......I hope the songs here at Reverb Nation as well as the ones I still need to Publish give the struggling guitarist a bit of inspiration to remain true to there calling. In the early day's everyone told me to " Get a Day Job " however now.....They hear me. I Love Music and will continue to learn because learning never ends.
Please feel free to critique my efforts without a closed mind because that type of critique is non-sense, keep an open mind and just be honest with me as I will be Honest with you as well.
I need money to get to England so Michel and I can truly get this Mission Off on a great start.

I play a "JS-100 from Ibanez, I use a Marshall "Jmp-1" Pre-Amp looped with an Alesis Quadroverb (( Great EQ Function )) A Marshall Stereo 100 watt Amp and 2 ADA Spit Stack slant top Speakers.
I record directly into my Computer directly from the " Speaker Emulator " output on the JMP-1, and I currently use "MixCraft 6 " to record.
Lack of funds is the only reason I do not have either better or newer gear...however, I have been working on my sound all my Life and I am truly blessed with what I Have...besides>>Marshall Rocks in all times and I have always tried to get the best from my gear and there is no exception to that pattern until I can sell some Music and I have Faith that publishing my jams will net great opportunities regardless if I sell any Music.

I want to Thank God for Loving Us even in times when we are not Lovable....Thank You Lord !!
I Thank my Mother,my sisters Dianne and Teresa....Michel whom I want to play for, Mr. Terry Kath,Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Ronnie Montrose, Alvin Lee, Neil Young,Pete Townshed, Alice Cooper, John Michael Hardin,Steve Miller,RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, Stephen Stills, Be Bop Deluxe, Duane Allman, Richard (((Dicky ))) Betts, , Aerosmith ((( first 3 Albums ))), Gary Moore, Gary Hoey, Pink Floyd, Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull, Jethro ((( From Beverly Hillbillies ))) Van Halen, Santana, Todd Hendicks, Todd Fowler,Mike Fowler,Billy Triggs, Jimmy Nerjuano,Walter Titch, The Tubes, Eric Johnson, Joe Walsh,James Taylor,
That Lady that never smiles or returns smile at my apartment building,Walter Titch, Timothy Johnson ,Ice Hockey,
Jim Ivan(((Ho))) Myzel, Duane Eddy, Duane Bloomingkemper, Kenny Lewis, Lester Forman and his Sister, Jay Williams, Keston, Jim Marshall and all those who either played in bands with me or and those who taught me over the many years and to those whom are yet to present themselves to me yet, I know I forgot to mention many others so please, bring it to my attention as I would never do that on purpose.
I am open for all jobs Musical as I need work to help Michel and The Star9 Experience to get published. First,I need to get to England ASAP.
Thank YOU For Your Time.....
Timothy J. Telfair {{{ ShredOfSeattle }}}
May 10, 2013

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