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7 Sons of Soul / Bio

7 Sons of Soul, one of the hottest singing aggregations to hit the genre, has been strongly influenced both by traditional quartet sounds and the current contemporary vibe evidenced on their brand new release, Witness. This dynamic ensemble invigorates the tradition of great male voices that have distinctly defined gospel music throughout generations. Whether it was the sounds of The Sensational Nightingales, The Mighty Clouds of Joy or The Winans, male groups have been an integral part of the popularity and the staying power of gospel music. Today is no different, and 7 Sons of Soul has merged the old with the new to create a musical blend that is uniquely their own.

Comprised of seven progressive young men on fire for the Lord, the Washington, D.C. based 7 Sons of Soul are bringing gospel music to a new generation while showing the world that real men rock the mic for the Lord. Cliff Jones, Dave Lindsey, Deonte Gray, Kenneth Epperson, Ronnie Lindsey, Matt Tucker, and Joel Tate are a band of brothers whose individual struggles are transformed in Christ by a collective strength that resonates throughout their music.

The Stellar Award nominated group is remembered for songs like Run On, Prayer Changes and He Can Change Your Day. Fans who loved sextets debut will have even more to smile about on the groups sophomore release. Jones, the groups founder and leader, explains what listeners have to look forward to on the new musical offering.

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