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Bloodline Theory / Bio

Bloodline Theory began as Bloodline Conspiracy in 2009. Fred Nota (vocalist for Escape to Everything) called Joel Hopkins (guitarist of Dying Days) and asked if he would be interested in forming a side project with Joel's cousins Matt Wein, (guitarist for Escape to Everything) and Matt's younger brother Mike Wein who had not been in a band yet. They spent the next several months writing and recording the songs that would become the first Bloodline Conspiracy demo.

Paul Lourenco (drummer for The Evening) was recruited to record drum tracks for the demo recordings, but couldn’t commit to playing with the band full time. When Joel’s band Dying Days disbanded, Joel called upon Paul Sylvia on bass and Dave Caradimos on drums. Both of whom were band mates of Joel's in Dying Days. They changed the band name to Torn Apart and played a handful of local shows before disbanding in the end of 2010.

In January of 2011 Joel once again asked Paul L. to record drum tracks for some of the Torn Apart songs that Joel had written but never got a chance to record. Once the recordings were done, the remaining members of Torn Apart decided to reform as Bloodline Theory and played their first show on 7/30/11. In 2012 Fred Nota left the band to pursue other musical endeavors, leaving Mike Wein to take the reigns as lead vocalist and front man for the band.

Mike Wein - Lead Vocals
Whether it’s melodic hooks or guttural screams, Mike pours his heart and soul into every line. Mike is the youngest member of the band. To see him own the stage, you would never know that this is his first band.

Matt Wein - Guitar/Vocals
(Lucid Sky and Escape to Everything)
Matt interweaves his guitar lines in and out of the rhythm with seamless transitions and translucent melodies. Matt’s unique and eclectic musical influences bring an ever changing layer of depth and emotion.

Joel Hopkins - Guitar/Vocals
(Rumblestiltskin, Artful Dodger, Godbone, Dying Days, Life Underground, and Drop 360)
Joel delivers his endless bag of timeless riffs to yet another band. Transitioning seamlessly between saw tooth metal, delicate acoustic, reggae, rock, funk etc. is Joel’s specialty. Wherever the music leads him, he will go there to find the next riff.

Paul Sylvia - Bass Guitar
(Artful Dodger, Blackjack Squadron, 13 Colors of Ugly and Pitch Black)
Paul has been in several bands with Joel for good reason. He lays it down like no other. From slapping and popping, to driving finger work, musical versatility is what Paul does best.

Paul Lourenco - Drums/Vocals/Guitar
(The Evening, Tongue-n-Groove, Madison Grove, Robot Monster Army)
The newest member of Bloodline Theory, Paul’s dynamics enhance the bands versatile tendencies. His style could best be described as “controlled chaos.”

General Info

Band Members
Mike Wein - Vocals, Matt Wein - Guitar, Joel Hopkins - Guitar, Paul Lourenco - Drums, Paul Sylvia - Bass
Artist Name
Bloodline Theory
Home Page
Active Since
Metal / Hard Rock / Reggae

Contact Info

Taunton, MA
Joel Hopkins

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