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Christopher Georgios, Thee ADDICT'

After Some horrific losses this past year, some that directly affect Thee' Addict. Like the loss of 1500 HAND PICKED VINYL over the course of 12 years. 5 CRATES of handwritten poetry and songs. At least 3 more crates of recorded cd's on spools. Anybody that has seen the addict play is aware of poetential and current talents that far exceed beat matching, scratching & cutting.

Addict Spiraled down into a deep depression. I Think you have to be a DJ to understand the devastation. But still continued to produce music at a staggering rate. His best and most leathal songs are recorded live on the spot.


Actually, If you ever find yourself at one of his shows, I can guarantee you without presence of his vinyl he is producing live on the spot.

"The past 3 or 4 years has been all practice, packed the turntables away and forced my self to become a producer."

ADDICT has 3 distanct groups of instruments to perform with. But all come with a mic and his effects processor. The vocals are improve or recited and/or sung memorized poetry. Christopher was a Published poet at age 13 in a prominent national magazine. He started writing again at age 18. over the past 12 years everything has been coming together, poetry is so refined. it's more like spoken philosophy. Eveyrthing he is is based around his concept:

"The Hallway And The Elevator Of Life."

A re-occuring theme that is infinate.

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