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J Redman / Bio

the names jake redman...to me music is more than art...my music is a direct reflection of myself...like artists and their paintings...to know me is to know my music...my friends know that...through all the bullshit you go through in life just keep smiling...and remember LIHUMI life is how u make it! friends are the most important part of my life...gonna sound kinda fucked up here but family is there cause their family....everyone has that family member that they had to go to some event at their house and you cant stand that person...butttt why did ya go....because their family....when you find a "FRIEND" then you know their a real FRIEND cause you got a different bond than you do with a family member...dont get it twisted now cause i love my family...its just another point to make that most people dont think about....so cherish your friendships as if there were no tomorrow...a quote i want you to think about "acquaintances come and go...and family sticks around til its time to leave...but friends...they'll always be there in our hearts our smiles and our stories for years to come...friends capture your heart and soul...i got nothing but love for my friends" J Redman i do wear hearing aids....and now ya wonder how the music is as good as it is...im not cocky its just if no one believes in themselves then whats the use in tryin to get someone else to believe in what you dont? ive always been committed to anything i do and i give it my best....goin against the odds is great cause its always fun when you work under pressure....love the adrenaline rush hahaha....and yet another quote "if they doubt you prove them wrong!" J Redman i am single.....nuff said...ladies please dont try to "holla".....females know its not hard to go find a guy if they really want one....and guys know it aint hard to get a female either...lesson here is if you settle for anything less than what you really want then your only cheating yourself! hmmmm what do i think on relationships....im just another sucker with a broken heart...just not gonna talk about that on the profile....its a music profile not a singles network :-) i can leave you with one thing ive learned...when you get ya heart broke or someone does ya grimey....just know "to trust someone is to accept the fact that you allowed them close enough to cause harm...KEEP YA GUARD UP!" J Redman you only got one life....ya better use it while ya can.....i know for a fact you probably dont ever think like i do.....im a very simple guy but yet one of the most complex people youll ever meet...."everything is something but yet something is nothing and you have to let everything go in hopes that something will return because everything is nothing and nothing is something" J Redman.....and when ya think about it...do you even know what the equation at hand to be solved actually is??? theres a lot of things in life im not sure about...what i am sure of is that theres not always an answer for everything but there will always be a result....so dont be a jackass and burn the bridges your gonna need....anyways.....im laid back......and at the same exact time i love to have a blast.....anyone who knows me knows a good time sounds something like WEEEEEEEEEEHHHHEEEEEWWWWWWW.....i make music....its actually pretty good :-) ....im from NY and i live in OKC now and them are the basics for now...anything you need to know just ask..

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Jake Redman
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J Redman
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Oklahoma City, OK
Jake Redman

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