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Pete Mroz / Bio

Pete Mroz is a traveler, your new best friend, the charming ice breaker, and the proverbial “life of the party.” Always the fearless ring leader, he catches you off guard with his “don’t I know you” sly grin and playful sense of humor. He’s harmless and fun till he whips out his guitar and opens his mouth to sing- then you are captivated- Who is this guy? You really don’t see it coming- the guitar tone, the clarity, the sparse, melodic, hook laden riffs that incorporate heartfelt soul and blues. Then there’s that voice- angelic is a word that comes to mind- his voice soars through the air like a warm ribbon of light- effortless and spot on. Call it a command of his instruments, call it charisma, call it an anointing- it’s as if he’s flying and it sounds like freedom to me. It is that freedom that quietens a room and draws the audience into his world.
The world of Pete has echoes and images of great love, family, friends, and neighbors all over America. From Mississippi to Connecticut, Florida to Arizona, and Texas to Tennessee, Pete has grown up in a lot of places. Pete could sing a phonebook and make it sound beautiful, inspiring, soulful, and somehow fun. However, he has something to say, and he has learned how to say it well. His lyrics are simple and poetic- painting the psychological landscape of an experienced seeker.
With Pete’s self- professed ADD, there is never a dull moment as he oscillates between two personas in his shows: the approachable, mischievous jokester and an untouchable talent who pours our passion, depth, and beauty in each sweeping note. If you’ve had enough with these epic metaphors, listen for yourself- it’s hard to convey the experience of seeing and hearing a true God-given talent that shines above the rest. Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and John Mayer would be proud of their student who has matured and come into his own.

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Pete Mroz
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Pete Mroz
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Nashville, TN
Pete Mroz

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