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StarWizard* (A Spiritual Alchemist, Astro-Cosmologer, Writer, Channel and Spiritual guide, Independent Radio show writer, producer, and host of 'Universal Traveller'... (www.universaltraveller.ca) ...a 12 year running program (since 1999) (www.cjly.net), and has been Writing, performing, recording and producing a diverse range of original music for over 20 yrs.
The focus of the Songwriting, performance and production is on Empowering Vibrations and Lyrics etc, essentially to empower the Listener in multidimensional ways.
Vibration is the cause and Root of all, and our personal vibratory or Spiritual State is the root of our experiences, and therefore what we expose ourselves to is very important, especially when it comes to Music, as it is very powerful and consistent input, especially for avid Music lovers.
What we expose ourselves to is our 'vibrational diet', so in order to Heal and be healthy, StarWizard* Music is designed to be 'Spiritual / vibration-all' food, hence the title of the Albums, 'StarWizard* -Ambrosia', which means food of / for Gods, and the 'Trance-Zen-Dance' box set.
'Trance-Zen-Dance'* does not mean that it's all a 'trance' genre of Music, in fact there are Universal yet unique 'styles', a diverse Spectrum of styles, yet inclusive of trance type works. 'Ambrosiatic Trance-Zen-Dance'* actually means: "Omni healthy frequencies & Alpha Wave 'attune-meant' for empower-meant, knowledge and Healing through Dance".
Some core elements focussed on radiating in StarWizard* Music are: Personal&collective Empower-meant, for Over-all well 'be-ing', maximizing potentiality, growth & stability, protection & *Sovereignty, resulting in empowered healthy vibratory states & conditions which accordingly ripens as over-all Health, confidence, beneficial creativity & expression, & overall restoration & amplification of our Natural birthrights as naturally abundant over-all Happy & thriving Spiritual Be-ings.
These conditions are phenomenally empowered through healthy modalities such as: maximizing beneficial Human states/ environments (& thus experiences) of 'Freedom' through: Empowering confidence in uniqueness &individuality, the power of co-operative Harmony in Diversity, overall Sovereignty, and freedom from: control drama forms of manipulations, and rather to heal such psychological etc. 'attacks' and to conversely, empower: freedom of individuality, birthrights as 'Spirit-u-all' Be-ings on Earth, and thus empowering Harmony in Diversity so all be-ings may be as fully Happy, Healthy, abundant & therefor Peace-full to truly thrive in joy together as possible.
There-fore the focus 'with-in' the entire spectrum of production, from conception to release is on radiating Empowering Vibrations, which express on multiple wave-fronts, and based on healing Alchemical &Harmonic principles, (healing & empowering 'vibration-all' geometries etc.) fused with lyrics saturated with conscious 'empower-meant' 'tools', resulting in overall potentially phenomenally increased well be-ing, which is thereby inherent unto the listener, according to inter-actions, such as: personal response, integration & application.
Through sacred tones/intervals lyrics & Healing knowledge etc. the listener is literally soaking in an Empowering 'Healing Vibratory Bath'
It is a default that the more one is exposing themselves to this Music the more empowered, healthy & healed they may easily become, simply by tuning in, & responding accordingly, to their own receptivity, status, Nature & Constitution.
Due in large to the principle of 'HARMONIC RESONANCE' through Cymatics, one can only be empowered by these intensely researched, applied & radiating 'Harmonic Modules', from any state one is presently vibrating.
There is no need to consciously 'understand' nor fully comprehend these principles, yet as help-full as that is, one is empowered completely beyond words by simply tuning in.
-Our gift to you: Enjoy and In-joy, that's what Life affords, hence, we are empowering the Listeners/ supporters over-all well be-ing, as collective well be-ing stems from each person, (or as many as possible) intending and maximizing healing co-creatively empowering collective modalities for collective abundance through Harmony in Diversity, for a fully thriving healthy relationship & eco-system for personal and collective abundance to be fully abundant, through empowering (& to sustain) maximum levels/states of 'Peace-full' relationships with-in Humanity and local/Universal 'Environ-meants'.
Please in-joy, & thus 'co-operatively' support our 'sustain-ability' & well be-ing, as we are supporting all of our collective well be-ing as much as possible, as life and Love are for sharing & trading energy/ resources etc.
May you & we all, live long, healthy, Happy & 'prosper-us' Lives & therefor thrive in Harmony together ('to-get-there': get here now) by minimizing harm and thereby 'be-ing' 'Peace-full' =full of Peace)
May we all do as little harm as possible & be as overall beneficially co-creative as possible.
Spectral Star Wizard performs Vocals, his Main Instrument is Guitar; yet also Bass Guitar, Drums, percussion, synth & Drum Machine programming etc.etc.etc. Most performances are improv'd, as he say's "It's mostly 'automatic Songwriting' ; I dial in-to the unified Field of 'The Source' / 'Prime Creator' via Harmonic Resonance (resonanting with Harmony) to tune in to the Natural 'Music of the Spheres' intending (as noted above), to direct the Morphogenic Field in-to the 'Songs'; to assist the 'Natural Great Alchemical Transformation' ('occurring now in a Theater called us') of the Planet and all on Earth who are so attuned to the Transformation of the Species into Peace-full Love/heart centered Universal Citizens ; our Destiny, assisting the overall well being of all in a fun Light-Hearted, and Heart centered modality.....
Thanks to all participants, full Credit honored & references available
Namaste / In Lachech / Mahalo

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