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Spicy Fernandez / Bio

The mission of the music is to overcome fear and remember how to exist in pure happiness with love to our brother as intended by Creation.
There is a common thread to unite us all and it is called music. Seeking to reunite all peoples to this truth is a joy and worth the sacrifices it takes to bring you beautiful music. You want to join in, dance and sing as your body is filled with sweet, ecstatic vibration. The road to finding this vision has been one of ups and downs and turn arounds. It is our pleasure to share this journey through fear, regret, guilt and insecurity to emerge on the other side where beauty, ecstasy (all natural), rebirth, joy, and love exist without burden or cost. We do this in lyrical form through music, the best way to tell a story as recognized widely in this world. The way is for all and it is our great pleasure and calling to share the road map and lift you up.
As their first single "My Shadow And Me" suggests, they seem to have befriended the mysterious and uninvited shadow figure in our lives which no longer looms overhead sucking away life force but instead reflects new possibility and limitless expansion. The music video for the song encapsulates this vibe with jumpy images dancing to the beat, all collaged by will and action and a fat, thumping 808 kick drum. The quest for understanding and a return to it deserves a beautiful soundtrack.
This music vibrates at a mysterious frequency between the strange and very familiar. It's not the tempo, or structure, or form but rather the limitless dream energy that conscious, activated music can activate. It's all about bringing the good energy and spreading it around. And, smashing the bad, the mad, and the fearful...
The museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) recently wrote the band in gratitude for performing at an event stating, "Your performance was mesmerizing"
For everyone to share an experience, for a chance to heal and be healed, is why the sound is manifested. It is through the impeccable pursuit of perfection, as we stumble through mistakes and accidents, that we unite with perfection.
They enjoy mixing the electronic and rock and roll approach to musical arrangements both live and in studio sessions. Always leaving the audience, touched, moved, awakened, even healed without being deceived is the experience. You forget your days troubles, you meet someone you need to talk to or know for your life and you search for purpose and find it if you ask.
Playing roots music like Reggae, Cumbia, and Afrobeat is just a normal thing now, even to incorporate any sound to create something that is spontaneous and informed by one's relationship to consciousness. That's how music can be a universal manifestation created from surrendering the individual ego to create a fusion that is mixed, fresh and divine.
The repressive madness of a three dimensional world that neglects the higher gifts of human potential will be destroyed because it is destroying itself. Babylon shall fall, just like the walls of Jericho had to collapse from trumpets blasts. People will wake up and be uplifted, it is just a matter of time and right living. Riding the wheel of time on a hunt into the infinite and around, with no end and no beginning. Let's enjoy the ride. Be kind and love each other.

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Band Members
Paul Terry- Keyboards/Vocals/guitar/laptop/Percussion, Ben Schechter - Harps/Accordian/Percussion/keys, Guy Noble Barnes
Artist Name
Spicy Fernandez
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World / Afro Latin Fusion / Rock

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Los Angeles, CA
Mentone music

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