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Shawn Kenan, Songwriter/Composer / Bio

The feelings started flowing from Shawn’s pen when he was 14 years old. Growing up in Riverside, California, he wrote a poem while chasing a crush in 9th grade. That year a classmate paid him $10 to write a poem for a girlfriend and his writing career had begun. Shawn wrapped storytelling into his poetry and creative writings. By 16, he had published works in the American Poetry Anthology and others. Along the way someone put a guitar in his hands but he always returned to his favorite instruments, his good old pen and notebook. “Every song has a story, listen with your heart” he says.
The son of an Iowa farming family he followed their love of country music and set his sights on Nashville. Shawn won a small songwriting contest and was introduced to Bret Beavers. He traveled to Nashville to begin work with other writers / musicians. There Shawn joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) where he continued to learn about the music industry and songwriting. Shawn currently works with and writes for new artists as well as seasoned veterens in country music. He now splits his time between his two favorite places, California and Tennessee.

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Shawn Kenan, Songwriter/Composer
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Country / Adult Contemporary

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Nashville, TN