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In the early 80's, Boston was blessed to the birth of Mike Biggs.
Growing up in church, he really didnt listen to the music of the 80's.
As he grew up to become an older boy Mike Biggs started listening to the hip hop music
he heard of a man by the name of Biggie Smalls. Biggie's death had became his influence to want to write.
Mike Biggs stated theres alot of different artist, but no one wants to be different.
Everyone sounds the same with the same topics and the same voices. He decided to make a change himself.
So he begin writing from the heart and not what everyone else was writing about
He worked with many different people who he felt didnt want to do anything with their music other than just rap.
So he started his own label Groundup Entertainment.
He begin traveling different places doing shows, movies and building up his label.
He says he wants to bring back real music, that makes people feel something.
Mike Biggs is a songwriter, ghost writer C.E.O, and all around just a down to earth person and thats what seperates
him from other artist that are out on the scene. He is the type of person that alway pushes to be better at anything he does.
Not just for him but for his fans, label mates and anyone he does music with
Mike Biggs won't be the next Biggie Smalls or the next Jay-Z.. He will just be Mike Biggs
The first of his kind

For more info, please contact Me
website: mikebiggs617.com
phone: Mike Biggs (617) 602-7034
email address: MIKEBIGGS617@YAHOO.COM
facebook: Mike biggs
myspace: myspace.com/mikebiggsmusic
twitter: @mikebiggs617

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Mattapan, MA

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