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MC1980 / Bio

The first and most important thing about my music is that I make it for my own amusement. Sure, it’s part therapy, because I constantly feel the need to express myself through music, but it’s partly me seeing how far I can push certain envelopes and deviously seeing what I can get away with putting in a song. Is it rap/hip-hop music? If we are slapping easy labels on things, then yes classify it that way. Is it more than rap/hip-hop music? I’d like to think so. I don’t think that my music is transcending every fucking boundary set by the music industry and I am certainly not arrogant enough to think that I am doing something ultra-new that no ones ever heard before, but on the other hand I am not naive enough to think that all my songs should be grouped in with an endless barrage of your typical bullshit “rap” and “hip hop” artists. If this is not making any sense at this point quit reading this and skip to putting my music into your ear holes and let your ears and brains tell you what to think....

The topics and lyrical content of my songs vary from things I have experienced in my real life to things that I find absurd and amusing. I don’t like to place limits on my style of song writing. If it is in my head it’s fair game to come out and into the microphone.

I make most of this music in my own home. I am not a professional studio engineer or producer, but I try to make my music as presentable to your ears as possible before I upload it online for you to download for free. This is just how I roll bitches.

I take my live shows serious. Serious in the manner that I do not “lip synch” or simply put a CD on and lightly talk over it like many artists seem to do in the “underground” now-a-days. I believe in putting on a show. I believe that as an entertainer I am responsible for making sure people at the venue I am performing at have a good time. I put effort into “killing” my live sets no matter where I am and no matter who is in attendance. That’s also how I roll.

I suppose I am supposed to do some name dropping here to confirm my credibility as an artist... Since it is expected I will. Over the course of my almost life long musical career I have been lucky enough to shared the stage with many great musical acts including: Eyedea, Mac Lethal, Sims and Mike Mictlan of Doomtree, Kritical Kontact, Yak Ballz, Kosha Dills, Prince Po, Sector 7G, Psuedo Slang, Dale Baker, Devilz Speciez, Emcee Edge, Hatebreed, Dog Fashion Disco, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Look What I Did, Psychostick, King Diamond, Downset, Factory 81, Anal Blast and many more respected acts in the hip hop and hard rock world. I have been fortunate enough to record songs with many of my peers and friends in the “indie hip hop world” including DZK, Pat Maine, C-Silence, Dusk One, MC Pig Pen, Bliss, Legitimit and Jaze of Kritical Kontact, Mike Schank of Sector 7G, Emcee Sick of Psuedo Slang, Dale Baker, Ray Strife and in 2011 I was feature on a track called “40oz of Doom” w/ mc chris and Just Say Yes which was feature on the mc chris release “Remix Wars.”

In my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching horror movies and being gross.

If you are reading this because you are familiar with my music and just wanted some further info about who I am and what I do, thank you! Fan/friend support means everything! Making music is really fun with in itself, but it’s more fun when you get to share it with people who enjoy it as well. If you haven’t heard my music, and your interest is piqued further despite reading this potentially boring “bio,” then please listen to and/or contact me at the following web sites:

Email for booking: HypnoticOtterbooking@gmail.com

Download free music: http://www.MC1980.bandcamp.com

“Like” and follow me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Emcee1980

“Tweet” me: @Emcee1980

Watch videos on my You Tube chanel: http://www.youtube.com/onechordlover


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