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In today's music industry new artists are emerging more than ever. With that being said you can imagine the struggle its become to find something unique. Technology ranging from social networks to auto-tune, allow more people to fight pass boundaries that once help filter out authentic artist. Sean Michael continues to stand the test of time as life advances and trends fade. "Many got lost on this road trying to follow me around," Sean states in one of his most recent recordings. His latest project, Dope, establishes the rare qualities, and diversities in a production that indicates a true mark of raw talent.

Sean was raised in all of Miami, Florida, moving around constantly changing his surroundings. Sean states,"My mother always had a vast taste of music and creativity that kind of rubbed off on me. At the time I didn't realize the musical foundation she was instilling in me. " Sean Michael's mother had him in performances of the finer arts as early as age 6. As he explains "Music is no stranger to me. I might have been blind or naive to the culture, but I still know music. However, it wasn't until i was older and started using it to express myself for me to see it as a craft." Sean quickly became apart of his first rap group at age 12. He later went on performing and building resources that now are now standard expectations from indie artist. "I was just being young me, i didn't understand the types of tools i was obtaining then."

Recording on his laptop and spreading the songs
he was writing for his friends,he realized their genuinely excited reaction. “I kind of got the picture when friends and family started taking my music more serious than i did. They even began to provide me with equipment and different resources they felt fit for the cause." Now recording daily, Sean was unlocking skills as an engineer and designer to help aid this sort of "One man band" approach. He began using his influences like Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Dwayne Carter, Kanye West and those who took boundaries into their own hands, and learned to consciously shatter them with creativity and uniqueness.
“I grew up in a home where rap wasn't traditionally allowed due to content,” Sean explains, “My mom came from an era where the sound of music was more universal and constructive in meaning. Music has power and a timelessness to it strong enough to raise a child when done with that in mind. I naturally gravitated to that kind of sound; there’s a warmth and inspiration to it that I’ve always loved.”

As his name grew in and around the Miami area, the pieces seemed to fall into place on their own for Sean Michael. He began doing a series of shows, projects and made moves that helped him captivate the attention of a few notable leaders in his city. "People just began to sincerely come together and recognize a potential I still wasn't fully aware of." Live radio spins, upscale club performances, and general financial revenue don't come easy in a tourist attracting city like Miami. However, these label type task were being independently accomplished by Sean Michael before he reached the age of 18. Freestyle Steve, Stevie J(Producer), Benzino, Big D and Rico Love were amongst the few that noticed and personally helped Sean Michael realize his dream can be reality. They helped him realize that when done properly and in order, his craft could be just as professional and fulfilling independently, as with a label. "I loved the feeling of being creative, free and independent with my work, but my mentors always made it clear that there was much more to a craft than talent," he declares.

That mentality allowed Sean Michael to self-produce Dope, as well the space to create his own brand by hand from logos and to visual and audio engineering. He reflects, “There was a lot of time,money,trial and error that went into building our brand. The entire production is far more original, and that was reflected in how I recorded . We gathered dozens of songs, along with visuals and marketing schemes for each then picked the best. I spent months refining everything until I thought I had the best team and opportunity.” With Sean's recordings, a high level production team, and growing notoriety, the results he got were commanding and contagious, a motivational force, while also maintaining the constructiveness and art to his culture. Sean stays true to his versatility and you can still hear his consciousness embedded throughout his contemporary melodies. But as Sean says, “It’s a little more grittier and time consuming than I thought it was going to be in the beginning.”

Indeed, that feeling of actually relating to an artist is one that’s prevalent on Dope."Sean explains, “‘Gas’ and ‘Pigeons & Fishes’ are the album’s bookends and I built everything around the tone of those two songs. Part of it is conscious yet contemporary. It’s me expressing things through eyes of a survivor - in that way where challenges in life becomes a different yet relatable experience.” It’s that sense of growth that sweeps through the album, and with Sean's wordplay, harmonizing tones, primitivity, illustrated sound selection and original, yet mainstream appeal, it’s 40 minutes of classic hip hop, made cleverly alive and new again.
Sean doesn’t just rap his lyrics - he inhabits them and lives them out, making his tales of growing up three dimensional in the most relatable ways. This is an artist truly worth continued attention as he develops his own lane and fans in this industry.

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